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Unleash Resilience with a Global Motivational Speaker Australia and Transform your Prospects for Good

Jillian, a female after dinner speaker, speaking at an event

Jillian Haslam is an international motivational speaker who has been inspiring audiences in Australia and the world for north of 14 years. She has carved a niche in the field of adversity and resilience, using her unique life story and experiences as a wakeup call to inspire people to maximise their potential.

The resilience expert and published author is based in London, England. However, she spends most of her days spreading the message of resilience, hope and overcoming adversity in schools, at conferences, sales kick-offs and private events all over the world, and most notably in Australia where she retains family ties.

As a resilience speaker, Jillian covers a wide range of topics in her talks depending on her audience and event goals. These include:

  • Embracing change and uncertainty

  • Navigating challenges and coping with setbacks

  • Building resilience

  • Unlocking inner power

  • High performance for teams

  • Effective leadership

  • Mental health

Jillian’s captivating storytelling and content-packed insights have made her one of the most in-demand motivational inspirational speakers.

In a dynamic world characterised by change and turbulence, her empowering lessons are not only reassuring, but also invite listeners to shake off their mental limitations and power ahead confidently.

Top reasons to hire Jillian as your motivational speaker in Australia

Leading Authority

Jillian is a leading authority on Adversity & Resilience. Her unique story has spawned a Kirkus-reviewed book, A Voice Out of Poverty, which is currently subject to adaptation into film. It’s a story that details her rise from the slums of Calcutta, India where she would lose four her siblings to poverty and malnutrition.

But she went on to overcome her setbacks and take on leading roles as a banking executive in top banks, including the Bank of America and RBS. Her corporate handbook, The Irrepressible Mind, relays her climb to the top before she bowed out on her terms to pursue public speaking and coaching.

Jillian at an after dinner event in Yorkshire

Unique and Memorable

Jillian is not your regular inspirational speaker. Her talks and presentations are anchored around a story arc that sounds fictional, but is based on actual experiences. She’s been there and done that. This is why she is well-placed to impart tips on overcoming setbacks and making the most out of your circumstances, no matter how bleak.

Even better, these tips come in the form of practical insights tailored to the audience that will prove valuable in the real world. If you’re looking to book a guest speaker in Australia whose insights will have a far-reaching impact on your people, Jillian can help you drive the successful outcomes you desire.

Jillian at an after dinner event in Yorkshire
Jillian at an after dinner event in Yorkshire


Jillian is a top international speaker with 14 years of experience in the industry. Over that time, she has spoken at hundreds of events, catering to some of the biggest corporate brands in the world and non-profit organisations, as well as appearing as a conference speaker and motivational speaker for schools and other groups.

Each speech and presentation is different from the next, and her talks are geared towards addressing the unique needs of her audience.

Jillian at an after dinner event in Yorkshire


When booking a speaker, it’s important to bring in someone whose subject matter is in tune with your needs. The speaker’s topic needs to address your unique challenges. For this, you need to hire a motivational speaker Australia who can tailor their message to you and your requirements.

That’s exactly what Jillian is about: she derives pleasure in providing value to her audience.

Whether she’s coming in as a conference speaker, appearing as a business motivational speaker or invited as a keynote speaker Australia, she goes the extra step to

understand your needs and goals in order to put together a message that resonates with your audience.Her motivational talks revolve around adversity and resilience for the most part, but these are broad themes that she breaks down into an array of different topics.

Easy to work with

Being an international speaker and with her primary residence nestled in the UK means Jillian is not hunkered down in Australia all year round. While she shuttles between the two on a regular, she can also be booked at any time, subject to availability.

Whether it’s a global summit or local event seeking to bring in a reputable motivational speaker Australia, or a local firm looking to book a
keynote speaker or experienced resilience coach, Jillian is an easy-to-work-with professional.

Jillian at an after dinner event in Yorkshire

She doesn’t have any diva demands or requirements and understands that she is only there to deliver value and meaningful discourse, not make the occasion about herself.

Keynote speaker Australia

Jillian receiving an award at the International Exhibition & Awards event in the United Arab Emirates

Jillian is a great fit for companies looking for keynote speakers Australia who can bring out the best in their teams and leadership. Her resilience keynotes are relevant topics that resonate well with organisations across a range of industries.

Some of her most popular keynote topics include:

  • Using Adversity as a Catalyst for Greatness

  • Steps to Overcoming Adversity

  • The Irrepressible Mind Strategy

  • Equipping Yourself for Success with the Resilience Toolkit

Her work with corporate leadership and teams entrenches healthy company dynamics that benefits both organisations and their people at an individual level.

Jillian has spent more than a decade perfecting an approach that guarantees positive results for businesses across different verticals. But her content is always changing to reflect current industry trends, challenges and attitudes – all dynamic elements.

Conference speaker

Sydney and Melbourne have established themselves as some of the best cities for international conferences. Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide also play host to numerous conferences related to everything from technology and innovation, to business, science and culture.

Jillian has collaborated with many event planners over the years and has presented at different international conferences and summits, both in-person and virtually.

Her clients are drawn from multiple sectors and industries, including:

Jillian at an after dinner event in Yorkshire
  • Finance

  • Education

  • Retail

  • Mining and construction

  • Health and pharmaceutical

  • Hospitality

Jillian is available to speak in cities across Australia for different events. These include:

  • Conferences

  • Webinars and teleseminars

  • Corporate workshops

  • Small business seminars

  • Quarterly and annual conventions

  • Week-long & weekend summits

  • Women’s events

  • Startup events

  • Trade shows

Whether you are planning a physical or virtual event, take this opportunity to book an established international speaker for your next event.

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