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Corporate Testimonials

“Jillian was invited by the Women in the Bank network at the Bank of England, to deliver a motivational and inspirational speech about how to get ‘the best version of you’. Jillian’s talk was engaging, captivating and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

Jillian used her own moving story to provide advice on how we can all achieve what we were born to do, using some simple steps, starting with realising what your strengths are and overcoming perceived weaknesses. She spoke in a very relateable manner for the audience and everyone was able to take something away from the talk”

Tara Clarke, Learning and Development Operations Team Leader, Bank of England


"We had the immense pleasure and privilege of having Jillian with us during one of our flagship events where we were bringing our top Sales performers from across the world (more than 35 different countries). Our intention was to convey some important messages on their future behaviours by talking not only to their brains but primarily to their hearts to maximize the impact.

Jillian did an amazing job in linking her personal story and experience to the business context that those people encounter on a daily basis. The power of Jillian’s approach is that it can talk to any culture, background and experience.

As expected, even though the audience were taken a bit by surprise, we received very positive feed-back from the group as we are confident the memorization rate of Jillian’ speech will be much higher than any other."

Silvère Aubriot, Commercial Execution Director, Novo Nordisk, Denmark


"Coaching and speaking—like true leadership—only works if one is left inspired. And Jillian is quite the inspiration. An open, kind, intelligent person with depth and a rich experience in life, she provides confidence, balance and reasoning that make her fully qualified for such roles.

Throughout my professional dealings with her over a number of years, I have found her willingness to help other people and her calm wisdom and insight on both detail and the broader themes of life to be generous, constructive and high valued”

Simon Wragg, Trade Finance, RBS, UK


“Jillian has all the attributes of an outstanding trainer. She’s an extremely good listener and emanates genuine positivity. Over the years I have known Jillian she has always been helpful in guiding me and finding successful solutions to my life issues. You cannot help but warm to her!”

Bimal Prinja, Cash Management, Bank of America, UK


“A superb trainer and life coach, who brings the techniques she teaches to life through the use of theory and practical examples. This training has really helped me shape my mind-set and look positively towards the future. It’s difficult to inspire others to accomplish something that you haven’t tried. But Jill has accomplished everything she has ever put her mind to.

If you are going to learn what it takes to be successful despite all odds, there’s no one better to learn from!”

Tahira Ansari, Manager Communications, Santander, UK


“Ever since I have known Jillian, she has always been dealing with adversity that sadly has never stopped but I also admire her for not losing sight of her own goals in life and despite everything she has had to deal with, she has never lost sight of achieving her own personal goals and objectives.

Jillian’s empathy and humanity has made for a pleasant and enduring friendship over the years. She herself has undergone many varied experiences, which together with her passion for human understanding makes for a great life coach and motivator. I wish her all the best.” If you are going to learn what it takes to be successful despite all odds, there’s no one better to learn from!”

Sundara Rajan, Head of Risk, Barclays, UK


“Jillian is a very special individual with a unique gift of helping people. She listens and identifies with people and often senses what others are feeling. Her humility is astonishing and it makes all the difference. She builds trust and inspires you to reflect and come to your own conclusions on the path you need to take…

If you want to succeed in life, you’ve got to have Jillian as a life coach or a trainer. She’s just brilliant when it comes to people.”

Pramilla Patel, Transaction Sales Origination, RBS, UK


“It’s funny I attended this seminar by default.  One of the team couldn’t make it and so I was offered the opportunity.  Making use of the presentations that were going to take place that day was more important than meeting suppliers as I needed to get a better template for organising/sourcing events anyway.  Sometimes you need to hear how someone else has done it, their mistakes, challenges faced.  That’s when you realise that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, creating memories and moments can be achieved anywhere.  I’ve been trying to get that message across to people for such a long time and to me Jillian just reinforced it with one extra word, ‘unforgettable’. Thank you for the ‘key steps!’”

Jacqueline Paul, Administrative Assistant, London Venues Summit 2018

“Dear Jillian, you were the highlight for me yesterday at the PA Life Summit event as your personal story really resonated with me and gave me hope. I hope to take inspiration from your words yesterday and find some inner strength to resolve my situation ”

Mary Steele, London, UK

“Thank you for all of your hard work. I really enjoyed the conference as I’m sure everyone else did! For me, I achieved a personal goal. I am so glad to have met you. Your passion, personality & energy is contagious. It’s been a privilege. Thank you once again."

Alice Scutchey, The Canary Wharf PA Club

“I’ve known Jillian ever since we were kids at school. All her friends realised that she had been blessed with an enormous depth of insight and perception. She listened to all our adolescent problems and dispensed advice so simply and effortlessly; and now her choices in life have led her towards being a life coach and mentor to countless other people who will no doubt be blessed by her as I have.

As a life coach and trainer, Jillian’s uniqueness is that she does not dispense readymade solutions but affords people an insight into their minds and souls.

They can then explore their own feelings and confront and overcome their own obstacles. What’s more, she imparts this gift of clarity and insight with a style that’s replete with humour and sympathy at the human condition.”

Delicia Jones, Departmental Head, Youth Education, UK

“Jillian is a terrific orator who enlightens the spirits of her listeners. My first session with her helped me identify my inner strengths. In every session that we had she imparted useful information that equipped me to face difficult situations. Jillian is skilled and extremely talented. I greatly appreciate the compassion she shows in helping people and casting light on the right path to follow in life. I am grateful to her for the skilled guidance, love and support she has given me.

As a life coach and trainer, Jillian’s uniqueness is that she does not dispense readymade solutions but affords people an insight into their minds and souls.

They can then explore their own feelings and confront and overcome their own obstacles. What’s more, she imparts this gift of clarity and insight with a style that’s replete with humour and sympathy at the human condition.”

Namrata Prabhu, Business Management Graduate, UK

“Jillian is an excellent speaker and much more. Her expert assistance helped me work towards my goals with great confidence. Jillian is flexible and has an intuitive sense of what is right from moment to moment. I thank her for a wonderful experience.” As a life coach and trainer, Jillian’s uniqueness is that she does not dispense readymade solutions but affords people an insight into their minds and souls.

They can then explore their own feelings and confront and overcome their own obstacles. What’s more, she imparts this gift of clarity and insight with a style that’s replete with humour and sympathy at the human condition.”

Greg Stuart, Author & Trainer, UK

“Working with Jillian has totally transformed my life. Now I fully believe that I will achieve my goals and know which steps will make it happen. Jillian has made the difference. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to totally transform their life. Her professionalism, warmth, passion and dedication all shine through. Her commitment to helping me achieve my goals was unwavering. A truly remarkable woman.

They can then explore their own feelings and confront and overcome their own obstacles. What’s more, she imparts this gift of clarity and insight with a style that’s replete with humour and sympathy at the human condition.”

Karen Knowd, Trainer & Coach, UK

“I attended your webinar on 28/11/15 and found it amazing - it was full of detailed content exactly what I have been looking for as it gave me more confidence in my chosen business. I will be happy to attend another similar webinar so please invite me. Thank you for giving us valuable lessons and tips to make our future businesses successful.”

Hannah Hurst, London, UK

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University/ School Testimonials

“It was such a privilege to hear Jillian’s remarkable story. She is a woman gifted with many qualities, but what shines through above all is her authenticity. She does not sentimentalise or sensationalise the events of her life; she does need to do so. Instead she speaks the truth with a simple clarity and honesty that captivates and touches. She has witnessed and experienced many extreme things, but she distils all of her various life experiences into some simple urgent truths; as such, she is a living embodiment of the power and resilience of the human spirit. For young people today, who may well have anxieties about their future and who are besieged by consumerist messages from the media, it is hard to imagine a better voice to offer welcome reassurance and an enlightened perspective. Students were inspired to ‘do something’ following her talk and quickly organised a magnificent concert that raised over £1000.”

Nick Russell, Head Teacher, Epsom College, UK


“I would like to thank you for your informative and inspiring presentation to our students, we were fortunate to have had someone of your professional expertise to take the time out from your busy schedule. You most certainly had a positive impact on the students and would like you to share some of the feedback. 'How Public Speaking can transform a life was a true eye opener for me; Very inspiring and fascinating story of a journey that is so very rare; Jillian has gone from the bottom of society to the top'; Jillian has really opened my eyes towards my lifestyle choices and my behaviour. Attitude has been a big thing for me as I always had a bad attitude towards anyone in authority. I will go home today with a lot of thoughts about what must change and how I can use my voice positively to change my life rather than the other way round."

Anna Morpeth, Epsom College, Inspire Me Dinner (UK)


“I was very fortunate to hear you talk at my school recently and your presentation on achieving success through public speaking. Your example was truly inspirational. Since your visit, I have already made changes to my life in the hope of achieving new success. There was much within your presentation with which I could compare to my life, the fear and uncertainty of rising above millions of people with the same aims and goals in life, and would like to thank you for spreading your message of achieving personal success. You have already made a difference in my life and I hope your influence does not end after only one brief encounter.”

Chris van der Merwe, Colston’s School, UK


"Jillian Haslam didn't get to where is today by chance or coincidence, but as the result of her intelligence, hard work and most importantly because of her determination. This characteristic was apparent from the moment she began her talk, yet it is not the defining memory of her lecture for that surely must be her sincerity and humility. Not many motivational speakers begin by thanking the audience and go on to thank the teachers present for the work they do. However, as she explained, without her teachers she could not have achieved all she has, nor would she have been inspired to now work towards changing lives. The term inspiring is often over-used, yet she truly deserves the epithet as her talk was by turns stirring, moving and encouraging. Her focus was not on telling a rags to riches story that glorified her own achievements, but on outlining how each person can apply similar strategies to their own life and decision making processes to enable them to move towards their goals; in doing so she held her audience totally captivated.”

Paul Adams, Giggleswick School, UK


“The Cambridge University International Development Society (CUiD) was delighted to host Jillian Haslam as a speaker on Indian poverty (her speech title: Why poverty holds us down)? Jillian gave us an incredibly moving and personal account of her experiences of poverty and how she herself broke out of the cycle. She detailed her fascinating story of how she was able to rise within the ranks of the Bank of America and RBS, to how today she is devoted to helping young people in schools, universities and as a charity worker in raising awareness, as a motivational speaker, and - above all – as someone who understands that poverty is not black and white. Her experiences fascinated the student members of CUiD, not merely because of the instinctive appeal of her rags-to-riches tale. It is no Cinderella story, but rather emphases hard work and sheer courage. The depth of her story was not lost upon us, with the inclusion of social factors that contribute to poverty. Poverty, gender and race are at the forefront of our problems - and indeed, worldwide - Jillian’s work today, and her love - despite everything - for her country, is evident and crucial to bringing these problems to light while working ‘within the system’. We at CUiD wish her all the very best, and hope that she continues her excellent work."  

Shachi Amdekar, President, Cambridge University International Development Society, UK


“When Jillian stepped into the room we first saw a successful businesswoman dressed nicely with friendly smile. However, after having given her talk, our impression of her changed completely. This was the starting point of an inspiring speech given by a fascinating personality. How do you get from the slums of Calcutta to jobs in companies such as the Bank of America? How did she get to where she currently was? The goal of her speech is to depict her reality, not to make people cry but to show that despite everything, she came out such a strong woman. All the tragedies Jillian and her family had to go through were more than we can even think about, but these are what made her who she is today – a truly inspiring and unique woman.”  

Alice R. Blanc, Kings College London, UK


"Having done a lot of debating and public speaking I’ve often been of the opinion that the only good speech is a rehearsed speech – that whilst improvisation is amazing, to be able to do so without rambling or tangenting and losing the audience is typically beyond the ability of most. I think what really amazed me about you Jill was the fact that I sat there (behind the stage since I was hosting the show), unable to see you, and was spellbound by the tale you told. The fact that you went up there and spoke from the heart, could sway me and portray the inspiration that you were giving, was just amazing. Honestly it was just a pleasure and a surprise that someone could do that. But you did. And that blew me away. Not to mention just hearing about your life and words was an adventure in itself. Our team were mesmerised and very grateful to you and the audience were moved beyond doubt!"

Hamish Inglis, Head of the Student Union - University of Durham


“It was an absolute pleasure to have you as a speaker at the TEDx event held at The HeriotWattUniversity. The attendees were inspired at the end of your talk and we are excited to share it with the rest of the world. If you visit Edinburgh again in the future, the team would definitely like to go for a meal with you! Motivational talks such as going from Campus to Corporate to Succeed are much needed these days and I will positively be in contact very soon in order to arrange this. Thank you again.”

Aman Gosrani, HeriotWatt University, UK


“Jillian spoke at Canford School’s annual Festival of Ideas which this year took on the theme of Borders and Boundaries.  She spoke inspiringly to our Year 9 and 10 pupils.  She created a palpable connection with all the members of a large audience in the Layard Theatre.  Her warmth, strength, humanity and humility were felt by one and all and she held the attention of a young audience simply by telling her extraordinary story and encouraging the students to make the absolute best of all the opportunities and privileges that come their way.   She spoke movingly about her childhood in the India and, most importantly, was truthful but not in any way indulgent: her story of taking initiatives and crossing borders and boundaries was relevant to all members of the audience, regardless of their background.  She also spoke to the entrepreneurial instinct that is latent in many of our pupils, showing that doing well in business and caring for humanity need not be in opposition.  Most importantly she used her experience to show our pupils that success involves a willingness to take on all kinds of tasks and not to find anything beneath their dignity.  In a week that was designed to open minds to the complex world beyond the school she brought a message that was inspiring and hopeful.”

John James, Borders and Boundaries Festival Director, Canford School, UK


“The girls (and I) found Jillian's talk most inspiring, to come through all that life threw at her in her younger years and achieve what she has today is amazing. It really made our girls, many of whom have extremely comfortable lives, really stop and think. I very much enjoyed reading Jillian's book, which is now in the school library and I know that many of the girls are keen to read it. Leicester High School for Girls, UK”

Leicester High School for Girls, UK


“I just wanted to say that she went to my school to talk about 'How to get to the Top' and she has really inspired me to help children who are less fortunate than me globally. I am stunned by her work worldwide and how she has accomplished it no matter of the unfortunate circumstances from the beginning. I feel honoured that she came to my School today and I just wanted to say Thank You for motivating me to be a better person, I am forever grateful. ”

Zaid Kassam, John Lyon School, UK


“To Ms. Jillian Haslam, The Enactus fraternity of St.Xaviers College Kolkata sincerely thanks you for assisting our camaraderie as a speaker for the Outreach'18. While planning an event such as this, it is imperative to gain the participation of experts in the field. Your willingness to share your time and expertise on our theme 'Normal is just an illusion' added greatly to the success of this event. It is our collective efforts and thoughts on such notions that will bring us closer to resolve such important issues. The summit was not meant to be a single event, but a starting point for the work that must be done to mitigate this think-tank once and for all. We hope you had a great time just like our audience for the session did and we hope we have been a good host. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon and gain your insights on a varied range of topics. We also have attached a few snapshots of Outreach'18 in this mail. Once again thanking you for your time and patience, Yours sincerely, ”

Team Enactus, SXC, St Xaviers College, Kolkata, India


“Jillian’s speech was captivating. The sixth form students and teachers present were fascinated to learn of her journey from the Indian slums to successful positions in the banking industry. Her advice was refreshing as in a world where emphasis is often give to achieving academic grades and MBA’s as a route to success, it is heartening to hear that just being yourself, being humble and a decent human being can also be so important for those aiming to reach the top. Something that is too frequently overlooked, particularly in schools where students feel so much pressure to chase the top grades and places at the elite universities. I would like to wish Jillian every success in her charity work and with all the work that she is doing to help support children in India who truly have nothing.”

Claire Edwards, Head of Psychology, Kingswood School, UK


“On Tuesday evening, many of the Felsted lower sixth, the library committee and parents were very fortunate to hear the Cromwell Lecture, given by Jillian Haslam. Now a very successful entrepreneur and charity worker, she told her story of how she was able to overcome her struggles in her early life to get where she is today. Her father, who was a soldier for the British Empire, decided to remain in India after the partition, and as a result Jillian spent her childhood living there. Unfortunately, her family were hit by intense poverty, something still prevalent in the Indian sub-continent today, as Jillian explained how they used to live under people’s stairways and in a slum for a very long time (as a child). Through the humble beginnings of her story, Jillian emphasised the importance of staying positive and being happy in life, regardless of where you are. She explained that she was brought up to always look at the positive side of situations and (to quote her father) to put motion before emotion, allowing yourself to have the inner confidence to succeed. Her lecture was incredibly insightful and was good encouragement for many of the students, who will be taking their final school exams next year. On behalf of the library committee & parents, we would like to thank Mrs Howorth and Mrs Zucker for organising the event and ,of course, to Jillian Haslam for an very thought-provoking experience.”

S. Ahmad, Felstead School, UK


“The dictionary defines ‘motivation' as providing a reason to do something. After the lecture on ‘Living beyond fear’ by Ms.Jillian Haslam it made me rethink the definition on motivation as giving a reason to do something more. Her talk reinstated the fact that experience indeed is the mother of wisdom and the best teacher. Hearing from people who've gone through severe hardship gives you a part of their experience and I'm really grateful to Ms. Jillian in this regard. Two key points that I felt striking were her views on standing out in the crowd, in this era of a population packed with degree holders, rising from hardship to great heights is always possible if you light your path with positivity. Her humility and her views on her motherland- India was deeply igniting. As she says "Don't let life get in the way... Achieve what you deserve…” she proved to us that she has done it and gives us the inspiration to go ahead and achieve the same and more. Thank You.”

Alan Das M, Student, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering Indian Institute of Engineering, Science & Technology Shibpur, India

“Jillian’s talk was motivating, inspirational and entirely cogent. Her story is incredibly moving and puts the problems of the modern world in context and teaches us a lesson in relativism. Our students were enthused and given a sense of perspective by Jillian’s ideas. She promotes resilience, a key tenet in our teachings as a school. Thank you again for speaking. We would love to have you back next year if possible – could you possibly return on Tuesday 29th January at noon and speak for 50mins (inc. questions)? ”

Miss Jennie Cooper, Teacher of English, Head of Academic Enrichment , Lord Wandsworth College, UK


“Our Sixth Form students were moved and mesmerised by Jillian's talk of challenges overcome and successes achieved. They took away with them some solid guidance on how to get the best out of every day”

Josephine Lane, Head of Sixth Form, Woldingham Boarding School for Girls, UK


“Jillian was a terrific speaker, who really engaged the pupils with her extraordinary story and energy-filled delivery. The lessons Jillian has drawn from her life, her extraordinary achievements and her dedication to philanthropy are things every pupil should hear. Several pupils sought me out afterwards to tell me that they had been inspired and changed by the experience of listening to Jillian’s talk. With every best wish.”

Nick Page, Deputy Head (Co-Curriculum), Westminster School, UK


“Many thanks to Ms Jillian Haslam for coming to Ballard to talk to our Year 9s and Year 6s about her remarkable life journey. Our pupils were transfixed by what she had to say, and were genuinely moved by her humility, her strength of character and sense of purpose. Her aspirational message was perfectly pitched, taking into account the sensitivities of the younger pupils and the interests and needs of the older age group. Both pupils and staff gained a great deal from listening to Jillian Haslam. Indeed it was a privilege to hear what she had to say. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jillian as a motivational speaker. She is a lady from whom we can learn a lot as we move forwards and live out our lives.”

Mike Clifford, Development Director, Ballard School, New Milton, Hampshire, UK

“Jillian, Last week, we had a team meeting, where my boss asked me to make a short presentation of a project and this morning he asked me to work on another corporate communication project. Now that I have shared your video with him, he thinks I am wonderwomen”

Edwige Bouleau, EA/PA Summit held in Paris, France

“Dear Jillian Haslam, My name is Giovanna da Custodia and I came to speak to you yesterday after your talk at King’s Bruton. You rendered me speechless with your story and I was thus unable to tell you how inspiring you are and how there should truly be more individuals such as yourself in the world. I would really appreciate it if you would even consider mentoring me; it would be a great honour to speak to someone with as much experience and passion as yourself. Kind Regards,”

Giovanna Custodia, Kings Bruton School, UK


“Good evening Jillian, It is Narnia Wilmot writing to you from King’s School Bruton where you gave a talk last week. I was truly and utterly inspired by your story and the example of strength, determination, hard work and ambition that you show the world. you are the living embodiment of what an undying will can accomplish and you have inspired me to never give up on my dreams no matter how big they are. I spoke to you after the talk, whereby you gave me your email address and I asked if you could mentor me. I would be truly honored to receive any advice and guidance you may have with regards to building my future at university next year. It has been a tough and gruelling process considering fees and residency but you have given me a new found hope not to give up. Thank you so much.”

Narnia, Wilmot, Kings Bruton, UK


“Firstly, thank you very much for the talk. It was interesting, challenging and inspiring in equal measure. I know that many pupils, and particular some of the girls, were stuck by your message on resilience, even when hurdle after hurdle seems to come one’s way, and that it was up to you to make your opportunities. It was just what we were after and gave an excellent start to the year. So thank you. The other thing to thank you for is the generosity in helping to mentor the two girls. Given your busy schedule, that is incredibly generous. Once again, huge thanks and please do use me if you need a recommendation for any other schools. It would also be great to be able to welcome you back to King’s at some stage.”

Will Daws, Head of Sixth Form, Kings Bruton (England), UK


“Dear Jill, Many thanks for delivering an impassioned talk that was both cleverly structured as well as packing the punch of first-hand experience – a rare combination indeed. Our pupils were much enthused, talking about you and your significant achievements and character long after you left.”

Chris Radmann, Head of Sixth Form, Lord Wandsworth College, UK


“Thank you so much for coming to Hymers yesterday. Your talk was both inspirational and thought provoking and has made the students reflect on their beliefs and values. I am especially grateful to you.”

David E. Elstone, Head Teacher, Hymers College, Hull, England, UK


“I'm writing to say another MASSIVE THANK YOU for coming to our school today. Your speech was full of passion, enthusiasm, and determination to create a change in our students. We really think you did just that.We feel very lucky for having you delivering a workshop and assembly today. All members of staff said "WOW", she's just brilliant, what a powerful woman! You are! Please keep doing what you do! You're a role model, so inspirational and you are definitely touching people's lives for the better! THANK YOU!! ”

Elena Vidal, Head of Sixth Form, St Mary Magdalene Church Gardens, London, UK

“Our students were touched and inspired by Jillian’s incredible story. It was such a privilege to hear her speak so passionately about her journey and the lessons she has learnt through her varied experiences   ”

Clare Tovey, Head of Sixth Form, Royal Russell, UK


“Could’nt find another way to contact you but thank you for a brilliant speech tonight at my daughters school. We talked about it afterwards and she was genuinely inspired by it. Thank you again and good luck in Hollywood. ”

Denis Kelleher, Parent of student at Holy Cross School, New Malden, UK


“Dear Jillian, Thank you very much for taking the time to come and share the celebration of the success of our young people with us this week. In what must be an extremely busy schedule, we are grateful for your captivating talk in which you shared your words of wisdom, inspiration and guidance. A number of parents, students and staff commented on how much they enjoyed your speech. It was very evident from where I was sitting that you had all the girls' full attention. It was lovely to see the genuine care you gave each girl as she received her prize. A moment I know parents will treasure. Yours Sincerely,”

Tom Gibson, Headteacher (Celebration of success evening), UK

“It was lovely to meet you last month, thank you so much for travelling so far to deliver such a brilliant talk. This was received very well by both students and staff. The talk by Jillian was well-targeted at her audience and she was very able to help our students see that success comes from much more than simply getting top grades; it also takes perseverance and hard-work.  It was clear that Jillian had grasped their imagination from the large number of questions that were asked at the question and answer session at the end of her talk. ”

Ellie Vermeulen, Deputy Head Academic, Windermere School Cumbria (UK)


“Jillian had an ability to engage the audience with her life story, but all the time make it relevant to Sixth Form Girls. The focus was very much on resilience, titled the perfect blend. Making the point that all their actions matter, never stop working and be prepared to work anywhere and talk to everyone and to never stop learning. I have been particularity impressed with Jillian's professionalism and commitment to helping girls. Making alternations and accommodating our needs. It was a pleasure and privilege to meet Jillian, I will certainly be asking her back to talk to my Sixth Form students again”

Mrs B Brown, Head 6th Form, Walthamstow Hall Girls School, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

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“There are two reasons for that: firstly, when I walked into the room at the Beak Street's Olde English Cafe Extremist meeting yesterday (23.02.2016) and I saw you, I felt gentleness and kindness from you (I had no idea  who you were) and secondly, when I finally heard your story, I was overwhelmed with your humility, strength and, most of all, the ability to keep the heart meek despite the power. That's most impressive. And extremely rare. So rare.”

Dora Copeland, UK

“I didn’t attend Uni when I was 18 because I was afraid of public speaking. Anyway, when I saw your session advertised for today, I knew I had to attend, but I didn't realise just how much I would gain from today. I always knew that I’d write my story and that it would be used to help someone, but I wasn't prepared for how hard it would be to let it go once it was written (the fear is unbelievable). I imagine you must be a very busy lady but I would very much like to do the public speaking course you talked about, but also to find out how you shared your story??”

Leeanna Kelly, 2nd Year Medical student (University of Hertfordshire), UK


"Jillian Haslam is the epitome of faith, hope and charity. Her autobiography, Indian.English. displays a character of determination and strength that I know helped to shape her future. Her willingness to get down to grass roots in learning and hard work has enabled her to achieve outstanding business acumen and leadership skills beyond her youth. Her most endearing personality trait is genuine gratitude, generosity and humility and yet she is strong enough not to be taken advantage of. She is a philanthropist and uses all her business acumen to empower and encourage volunteers to help the aged, children, unemployed and disabled. As a motivational speaker she has an amazing ability to understand her audience and forges ahead with confidence, holding them spellbound no matter how she feels at the time. I was more than inspired seeing her deliver a speech on Mental Resilience. She is a rounded personality and does not hesitate to walk the walk and talk the talk in any situation, always displaying a smile and making people feel comfortable. Her quality of mindfulness enables people around her feel assured and empowered.”

Edith Cassel, Harrow Writer’s Circle, UK

“Educational, entertaining and inspirational" was the verdict of members of Letchworth Howard Rotary Club after Jillian Haslam's powerful presentation on life, struggle and achievement in post-Independence India. Poignant and moving, her story about how she overcame extreme poverty and hardship to make her own way and now campaigns for others to follow is very well worth hearing. ” 

Arthur Jarman, Letchworth Howard Rotary Club.


"We at The Arabs Group run global awards and exhibitions in London for most of the Arab world. We recently invited Jillian Haslam to one of our Achievement Awards for young artists. Her speech was fantastic. She gave a lot of support and inspiration to our new Arab generation of achievers for which we are more than grateful."

Dr S. Spahi (The Arabs Group Director)

“Jillian's talk deeply moved and inspired every single person in the audience. Jillian does not 'just motivate', she inspires. She does not 'just talk', she lives and breathes her vision of changing the world for the better. Hire Jillian to talk at your event. Seek opportunity to hear her keynote speech. Read her book. Do it now! She will change your life forever.”

Lenka Lutonska, Advantage Woman Founder, UK

“Jillian Haslam gave a talk to Yorkshire Countrywomen's Association on Wednesday 26th October 2016. She is a remarkable and compassionate person who having started life in the slums of Calcutta and risen above this poverty to become a successful, professional businesswoman.  Her harrowing tales of her up-bringing post-colonial India (her family choosing to stay on in India after partition, when so many left) living in the squalid parts of Calcutta, facing racial abuse, dealing with sickness and death at an early age, first her siblings and then her mother and becoming an adult well before her time. At times, as she recalled her story and spoke form her heart, her voice showed signs of distress as memories came flooding in and the audience were left visibly crying. She told us of the abject poverty surrounded by the billionaire life styles of the very rich. The contrast being so vast and so un-necessary.  She started the foundation Remedia Trust and now devotes her time to raising awareness of the problems in India and motivating hundreds to work hard and achieve their dreams. She definitely inspires everyone she meets. She is certainly a “motivational speaker". A film is to be made in Hollywood of her life and this will certainly make filmgoers re-evaluate their own lives and just how materialistic the consumer age has made us all."

Vicky Cumberland, Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association, UK

"Thank you for visiting our branch and for speaking to our staff. You stand for all those with highest level of survival instincts to attain the pinnacle of success. Jill, you have been an epitome of perseverance, grit, determination, courage, gr8 dreams, conviction and last but not the least compassion. You stand for all those with highest level of survival instincts to attain the pinnacle of success. Success is never inherited or deserved, but earned by sheer hard work & focused goals. Your innovative initiatives to empower the less-powered in our society is uncommon and emulating. I might have quoted your instance to many a persons. Please keep it up."

Samarendra Dash, Manager, Bank of Travancore, India

“Often we see speakers described in publicity material as “inspirational” speakers and this often turns out to be a mere cliché. But there is a speaker whom I recently heard who is truly inspirational and she is Jillian Haslam. Her story of how she fought her way up out of the grinding poverty of the slums of Calcutta to a successful career in banking, speaking and writing I found both inspiring and very moving. She hasn’t forgotten her roots and now she helps those in Calcutta by her charitable work to improve their life chances. Without exaggeration, she is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met.

Clive Amos, Past District Governor, Rotary in London (Rotary International District 1130)


“Madam, This is to convey my gratitude for sparing time to attend the special Session of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce on 22nd July 2014 at the Conclave. Your address was intellectually stirring, incisive and truly insightful and moreover, your comments during the interaction brought forth a different and interesting perspective. The event was extremely well received by our members and guests. I thank you, once again.”

R. K. Chhajer, President, Calcutta Chamber of Commerce

“Inspirational speaker who blew me away with her story this morning ”

Vipila Hirani, PA Life Summit, London, UK

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