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Change & Resilience Expert to Inspire Corporate Events, Teams & Conferences

Banking Keynote Speaker: About Financial Services Speaker Jillian Haslam


Looking for a banking keynote speaker? Well, finding good financial services speakers can be a tricky sport.

On one hand, many public speakers do not have proper lay of the land as far as the financial sector goes: they may be great at giving speeches, but they are not industry experts. On the other hand, industry experts may have the knowledge and experience that comes with the territory, but many fall short on the delivery aspect: they are dull and uninspiring.

Until Jillian Haslam.

Jillian weaves decades’ worth of experience in the banking sector with a rousing delivery perfected as a professional speaker that will breathe life into your corporate meeting or conference.

Before she became a banking keynote speaker, she enjoyed a 23-year career as a banker, working for some of the top institutions in the industry, including RBS and Bank of America.

A diligent worker, she rose through the ranks, going from retail to executive where she merged passion and career to head charity foundations through the various leadership roles that she held, including President of BofA’s Charity & Diversity Network in India.

A published author and resilience expert today, she spends her time providing coaching and motivational speaking services to banks and financial institutions across the world.

Jillian has 14 years of experience as an inspirational business keynote speaker. Most of those have been spent as a speaker for the financial services sector. The varied experience and expertise in the banking and speaking industries makes her the ideal candidate for banks and financial institutions looking to bring in a top finance speaker.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Finance speaker to help you wade through the evolving finance landscape

The financial services sector is undergoing myriad challenges of its own. Impacted heavily by tech disruption, a globalised marketplace and shifting consumer habits, the industry finds itself at a crossroads.

To thrive in this dynamic environment, it is important for everyone from employees to the top leadership to be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate uncertainty and take advantage of emerging opportunities amidst the challenges.

As an established financial services and banking keynote speaker, Jillian brings vast experience and insights to the

table. With a proven track record of motivating and inspiring corporate audiences, Jillian addresses the industry’s most pressing challenges through her characteristic thought-provoking presentations.

Her speaking style is engaging, personable and professional, making her a great fit for your audience. Her background in banking and


financeeans she can speak the same language as you. She understands organisational challenges well, ditto employee concerns. This makes her perfectly placed to address issues as a banking keynote speaker and corporate trainer.

Indeed, Jillian – a resilience expert – has delivered hundreds of memorable presentations and organised successful corporate workshops for institutions in the sector. From small team gatherings to large conferences, she is accustomed to dealing with a range of audiences.

Book Jillian as your banking and financial services keynote speaker, and watch her inspire and inject your people with a renewed sense of purpose to work towards your mission.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Keynotes personalised to your needs


While institutions and the industry as a whole generally share similar challenges, Jillian does not provide a blanket solution from her keynote topics when you hire her as your finance speaker.

Each keynote is carefully personalised in line with your objectives, conference theme and specific audience, whether you are looking to:


  • Empower your team to confront challenges fearlessly

  • Learn to embrace change and cultivate a growth mindset

  • Equip employees with essential tools to thrive amidst obstacles and transform hurdles into opportunities

  • Reboot your organisational culture and instil a resilient culture that allows the institution to adapt in the face of headwinds

  • Unlock team potential to achieve peak productivity sustainably

Whether it’s a sales kick-off, finance leadership forum or annual banking conference, you can bank on Jillian to deliver a customised and insightful keynote that adds value to the occasion (no pun!).

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Beyond the keynote


As a banking keynote speaker, Jillian goes beyond a single presentation. She provides a raft of other services designed to elevate your event experience:

  • Pre-event consultation: Collaborate with Jillian to fine-tune the keynote message for maximum impact.

  • Interactive workshops: Set up engaging workshops through which Jillian can help you usher attendees into a deeper dive on select topics.

  • Panel moderation: A seasoned panel moderator, Jillian can facilitate both virtual and in-person panel discussions with industry stakeholders on critical topics affecting the financial sector.

  • Book signing: Provide attendees with the opportunity to obtain a signed copy of my inspiring memoir, A Voice Out of Poverty, which was awarded a Kirkus Star review.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Financial services industry speaker to help you drive change


By engaging Jillian as your financial services keynote speaker, you’re getting more than just uplifting messages. She provides actionable insights that employees, leaders or conference attendees will find useful in their day-to-day.

Some institutions in the financial services sector that Jillian has collaborated with include:

  • Bank of England

  • Bank of America

  • RBS

  • Morgan Stanley

  • JP Morgan

  • Barclays

  • ABN AMRO Bank

  • Santander

  • PwC

Jillian guiding a corporate audience at a resilience coaching workshop

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Corporate events Jillian can be booked for as a financial services industry speaker


Jillian is available to speak at different events looking to bring in banking and financial services speakers.

Examples of events she is invited to speak at include:

  • Educational seminars

  • Staff conferences

  • Summits focusing on critical issues at an organisational or industry level

  • Sales kickoffs

  • Women symposiums

  • Leadership forums

  • Day-long summits

  • Week-long & weekend summits

  • Quarterly and annual conventions

  • Educational forums

  • Interactive panels

  • Training workshops

  • Bank expos

No matter the event – or audience – Jillian is here to elevate your programme and turn your event into a success.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

What past clients have to say about Jillian

“Coaching and speaking – like true leadership – only works if one is left inspired. And Jillian is quite the inspiration. An open, kind, intelligent person with depth and a rich experience in life, she provides confidence, balance and reasoning that makes her fully qualified for such roles.”

~Simon Wragg, Trade Finance, RBS, UK

“Jillian was invited by the Women in the Bank network at the Bank of England, to deliver a motivational and inspirational speech about how to get ‘the best version of you’. Jillian’s talk was engaging, captivating and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

“Jillian used her own moving story to provide advice on how we can all achieve what we were born to do, using some simple steps, starting with realising what your strengths are and overcoming perceived weaknesses. She spoke in a very relatable manner for the audience and everyone was able to take something away from the talk.

~Tara Clarke, Learning and Development Operations Team Leader, Talent and Development, Bank of England
"A superb corporate trainer and motivational speaker who brings the techniques she teaches to life through the use of theory and practical examples. The insights I have gained from this workshop have really been instrumental in shaping my mindset and helping me adopt a positive outlook towards the future.

“It’s difficult to inspire others to accomplish something that you haven't tried. But Jillian has accomplished everything she has put her mind to. If you want to learn what it takes to be successful despite all odds, there are fewer better to learn from.”

~Tahira Ansari, Manager Communications, Santander, UK

Encouraging the next crop of women business leaders and professionals

As a successful career woman and accomplished business person, Jillian partners with women’s networks within banks and financial institutions as a speaker and coach to address challenges facing women in the workplace.

She shares her struggles and successes as she navigated the business world, and taps into her experiences to inspire and motivate women to keep pursuing their goals.

Jillian also works with women business leaders in the financial industry to encourage the next crop of women leaders to carry their leadership role boldly into the future.


Get in touch with Jillian today to discuss your specific needs and find out she can help make your next financial services event a spectacular one!

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

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