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You already have what it takes, now just know how to implement it...

My name is Jillian Haslam and I have built my successful brand through my storytelling and presentation skills.

But it didn’t come easy to me, I used to be horrible at presentations.

I used to mumble while speaking, my legs used to shiver and even my body language was terrible.

But it didn’t come easy to me, I used to be horrible at presentations.

I developed confidence, my body language started to improve however, I didn’t get the expected engagement from my audience.

Therefore I started watching videos of some world-famous entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. Which did provided me with valuable information, but still it wasn’t enough.

I decided to go with books and courses to improve my presentation.

But when I went to buy some courses they were way out of my budget, therefore I decided to go with the books.

I bought my first book, but it contained the basic information which I already learned for free by watching famous entrepreneurs and by giving a few presentations.

Then I tried another book but I was dissatisfied with it as well because it was similar to the previous book.

Again I bought another book but again the ideas were pretty much the same as per the previous ones. I decided to go crazy with books, I bought books after books. I believe it would go better with book after book

But I found every book spilling out the same useless information like writers just did the research and copy-pasted the information with some editing.

Even the books by some skilled presenters only talked about how wonderful they are and what a really good job they’ve done until now and also the fishy thing they did to make the book thicker is they filled it with a lot of one- liner quotes.

Most of the books were like the long blog posts, inflating the writer’s ego and repeating the same few obvious tips.

None of the books included practical information which could be applied in real life or none of them included someone’s story who has built presentation skills from scratch.

I was done...

I couldn’t buy courses and books were not helpful.

I already had the information but it was outdated, repetitive, and also not that practical.

Then I decided to learn on my own by meeting successful entrepreneurs in person.

I started to attend seminars and also interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs.

The knowledge and tips I received from them were mind-blowing.

I didn’t read it in any other book and couldn’t even find it on Google, but I didn’t know if courses included this information because I couldn’t afford them.

But anyway I still decided to use the tips...

Now that I had the “Unknown information”, I gave a few presentations but I was surprised as my presentations were still not effective.

Then I realized the main problem...

The only thing I had to do now was to figure out which things did really work and which didn’t.

Now, it took me months to experiment with all the information I had, but I was able to narrow it down to a few points.


My presentation started being more effective, I started getting satisfactory results.

People were engaged, asking questions and I also started getting the ROUND OF APPLAUSE!

Also, a lot of businessmen started to ask me for some tips to improve their presentations, and I really loved helping them by providing the information.

But what surprised me was that one person who came to me and said “How could you know all this stuff? I didn’t find this information in the courses I spent thousands of dollars”

It made me realize that I really had something valuable.

I wanted to share my information with all of those beginner business people out there who were struggling with their presentations just like I used to.

I wanted to help them because I knew what it is like to learn any skill specifically presentation skills.

You’ve got an ocean of confusing information.

You don’t have enough money to buy courses.

Learning on your own is going to waste a lot of time, which could be spent on building the business further.

Therefore I decided to grab all of that information and write it down in a “BOOK”.

Inside the book, I described the making of an excellent presentation.
5 most important attributes required to be an effective presenter.

My goal from writing this book was to help as many business people as possible who want to take their presentation skills to a next level in less amount of time and money.

But writing the book wasn’t enough for me...

Remember I told you about a guy who came to me and said he didn’t find the information even in the courses he paid for...

That made me think, what if it’s the same condition with the courses as well...

What if like books, courses also have that same outdated, impractical, and useless information.

But I couldn’t just make an assumption I had to find if it was true...

Therefore I bought a number of courses (not hundreds of them of course) and I found that I was correct. All of those courses were like audiobooks.

Like a person is popping up on your screen and reading a script.

Imagine you are in college and the only thing professors are doing is entering into the class and reading the books out loud.

There’s no interaction between you and them, you cannot ask them any questions, the only thing you have to do is listen.

That’s how I felt about those courses.

I thought about beginners out there who were wasting their time, money, and energy over these courses and getting nothing in return.

Therefore I decided to design my own course.

While my book was all about providing you with vital information, my course can tell you how to implement that information.

Inside the course, I cover a lot of different aspects which couldn’t be expressed through written words like...

  • How to never again be afraid, nervous, or stressed in front of an audience
  • The foundation of all great presentations – being yourself
  • How to read an audience
  • Secrets of body language – how to use all 5 senses
  • Vocal strategies that sustain attention and engage the listeners
  • The surprising truth about making eye contact with an entire audience
  • Advanced techniques of persuasion
  • Capitalizing on your strengths and skills – knowing what you can and cannot do
  • The 10 secrets to any presentation, speech or sale.
  • And so much more

I have designed this course to challenge your confidence, and motivate you to overcome your fears of public speaking (it can quite honestly give you the power to change the world)!

It’s specifically designed to equip you
with the implementation knowledge “in one single day”

You will be able to...

  • Peek behind the curtain and learn the most effective skills required for presentation.
  • Develop a take-to-work system for time management
  • Bridge the gap between self-confidence and habits of action
  • Discover a proven yet little-known approach to accepting negative feedback without getting discouraged
  • Increase your mastery of the single most important skill in presentations – communication
  • Much more practical and applicable help...

You already have the information, all you need is to know how to implement it effectively.

If you are interested in taking up my course then click on the link down below