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No matter where you start or the obstacles in your way, you can achieve your destiny!

"From America to Calcutta,
Jillian has inspired audiences to
take control of their lives and achieve their destiny, whatever their circumstances"

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"Jillian spoke at Canford School's annual Festival of Ideas which this year took on the theme of Borders and Boundaries. She spoke inspiringly to our Year 9 and 10 pupils. She created a palpable connection with all the members of a large audience in the Layard Theatre.
Her warmth, strength, humanity and humility were felt by one and all and she held the attention of a young audience simply by telling her
extraordinary story and encouraging the students to make the absolute best of all the opportunities and privileges that come their way.
She spoke movingly about her childhood in the India and, most importantly, was truthful but not in any way indulgent: her story of taking initiatives and crossing borders and boundaries was relevant to all members of the audience, regardless of their background. She also spoke to the entrepreneurial instinct that is latent in many of our pupils, showing that doing well in business and caring for humanity need not be in opposition. Most importantly she used her experience to show our pupils that success involves a willingness to take on all kinds of tasks and not to find anything beneath their dignity. In a week that was designed to open minds to the complex world beyond the school she brought a message that was inspiring and hopeful."

John James, Borders and Boundaries Festival Director, Canford School, UK