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Work with One of Europe’s Leading Conference Guest Speakers


Looking for conference guest speakers for hire? Book Jillian Haslam to speak at your next event, virtually or in-person.

With 14 years of experience as a public speaker, Jillian has graced podiums all over the world, from small auditoriums with a handful of corporate executives, to large conference halls packing hundreds.

There are plenty of insights she has gleaned as a conference speaker over the years, but there’s one thing that stands out across the board: every audience appreciates value. Doesn’t matter who they are – employees, entrepreneurs, business leaders, even students. Nobody wants to sit through a talk or presentation where the most exciting thing at the event is the nibbles on offer. If they are provided for in the first place!

Audiences want a speaker that addresses the problems they have. A conference keynote speaker that provides solutions to their challenges. A speaker who directly speaks to their needs without providing the usual drab advice or insights.

Needless to say, conference guest speakers can make or break your event.

Jillian understands this.

As a conference keynote speaker who has interacted with audiences from different industries and regions over the years, providing value to her audience is always top of her mind before she steps on stage. With that guiding her presentations, you can always be sure that she will go out of her way to make it count.

At the end of the day, what you need is not just any speaker: it’s about finding the right motivational conference speaker who gels with the theme of the event and leaves an impact on every attendee.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

What you get by booking Jillian as your conference speaker

What else Jillian has gleaned from her experience speaking at conferences and events is that while value is a common thread, no two presentations are ever the same.

Sure, some topic themes remain similar. For example, overcoming adversity is a topic that cuts across the board, no matter the country or audience type. Same case with building a healthy team culture for organisations. Or developing resilience. These are universal topics that everyone understands.

Thing is, though, there are nuances that differentiate audiences, and for conference guest speakers, it is imperative to get this part right.

This is why when booking Jillian as a keynote speaker for conference, she takes time to understand your audience and the objectives of the event. A detail-oriented speaker, she sets ample time aside to


collaborate with event organisers and meeting planners to ensure nothing seeps between the cracks.

For these reasons, Jillian’s presentations always drive the point home, ensuring the audience never walks out of the room the same way they came in. They will feel it was time well spent and that the speaker actually went out of her way to make it worth the while.

If you’re looking for guest speakers for corporate events or conference keynote speaker, get in touch with Jillian to discuss whether she is the right match for your event.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Hiring motivational speakers for corporate events?


Bringing in motivational speakers for corporate events is one of the many ways organisations invest in learning and development of their workforce in a bid to thrive in the ever-competitive environment.

However, if you’ve sat through your share of corporate events, you know many presentations tend to easily veer towards the long and tedious route. They can be a yawn fest that leaves everyone glancing at the time.

Obviously, that’s not the ideal scenario you envision when hiring guest speakers for your corporate event, whether it’s an employee engagement event, leadership summit or other business event.

With a 23-year career in banking, Jillian has been on the other side of the stage numerous times before. This is why as a business motivational speaker, she aims to be different.

Her presentations are structured and delivered in a way that keeps the audience hooked while at the same providing an uplifting message that ensures your corporate events are impactful and memorable.

Jillian is a versatile corporate keynote speaker that has delivered talks to more than 200 companies in Europe and across the globe. Some of the top names she has worked with include:


  • Morgan Stanley

  • Bank of America

  • ABN AMRO Bank

  • Bank of England

  • The Holiday Inn

  • Rotary International

  • The Halcyon Group

  • Novo Nordisk

Booking Jillian as a motivational speaker for sales conference and other corporate events will provide golden insights from an outsider’s perspective who knows the ins-and-outs of corporate dynamics. She will leave your people inspired by pushing them out of their comfort zone and ready for new challenges.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Conference keynote speaker for international events


As an international conference keynote speaker, Jillian is adept at delivering insightful talks that are memorable and engaging, no matter the audience.

She has appeared at hundreds of events across the globe, closely collaborating with event organisers and meeting planners to help them communicate their message to event attendees and ensure the success of the event.

Examples of events Jillian has been invited to speak in as a motivational conference speaker include:


  • Women in Leadership Global Summit (Paris, France)

  • Women in Business Summit (Berlin, Germany)

  • International PA’s Conference (Prague, Czech Republic)

  • High Achievers Annual Sales Conference (Denmark)

  • Annual Global PA & EA Summit (NYC, USA)

  • The World Affairs Council Conference (Charlotte, USA)

  • Women in Leadership Global Summit (Australia)

If you’re looking for experienced conference guest speakers who can speak to small groups or large gatherings, Jillian can help you turn it into a stellar event.

She is a versatile speaker who can present in person or appear as a guest speaker for virtual events all over the world.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Common events


  • Sales conferences

  • Company workshops

  • Leadership forums

  • Virtual events

  • Day-long or half-day summits

  • Week-long & weekend summits

  • Quarterly and annual conventions

  • Women’s accelerator programmes

  • Regional and international conferences

  • Staff conferences

  • Team building initiatives

  • Panel moderation

  • TEDx events

  • Startup events

  • Creative hubs

  • Guest speaker at educational institutions

Popular speaking topics

  • Resilience

  • Mental health

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome

  • Disruption and change management

  • Coping with adversity

  • Productivity and work ethic

  • Transformation and re-invention

  • Teamwork & collaboration

  • Public speaking & communication skills

  • Maximising potential

  • Finding opportunities in challenges

  • Growth mindset

  • Leadership communication

  • Personal branding

  • Developing an innovation mindset

  • Sales motivation

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

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