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This rich story of Jillian’s life vividly illustrates how and why she, inspires everyone she meets. She is a woman of deep compassion and, upon learning about her, people can only begin to think more like her.

With over 100,000 online references, both her memoir and Jillian herself have featured heavily in the media. This includes TV interviews in the UK (ITV, BBC and Channel 5) and in India, and in the major press in both countries, including The Telegraph, The Independent and The Times.

Jillian has been honoured with numerous awards, the first being in 2012, when she received the first runner up award for The Asian Woman of the Year in the Social and Humanitarian category. In April 2015, The Telegraph of Calcutta presented Jillian with a True Legend Award for her exceptional contribution to social and humanitarian causes. In July of 2015 she was presented with the Star Recognition Award in recognition of delivering numerous speeches across the UK’s educational institutes, and in December 2016, she received an award for Excellence in Humanitarianism. In 2017, she received her greatest accolade, the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award.


No one can fail to be moved by Jillian’s story and such is the appeal, this film is now being made. Much of the story was previously told in Jillian’s memoir Indian.English. but a new book, with a new title and extended text, is being written. This will have the same title as the film once this is known.

The essentials of the story…

Born in 1970 in post-colonial India to parents with British ancestory, Jillian Haslam overcame a childhood of abject poverty, racial abuse and hardship, including the loss of infant siblings through malnutrition, and took on adult responsibilities while still a child herself. Despite these obstacles, she carved out a highly successful career, raised her younger siblings, and never lost sight of her purpose in life—to give back to those who still suffer like she did.

After spending close to twenty years in the banking industry, both in India and the UK, Jillian felt a compelling need to change direction and devote her energies to helping other people improve their lives. After some time in training and supporting self-development, she is now a highly sought-after motivational speaker, using her own experiences to inspire others to do as she has: To develop mental resilience and never give up on their life goals.

Jillian’s story recounts how she learned to look for the positives embedded in the wholly daunting challenges she encountered. It explores how she has used the morality and forgiveness learnt from her upbringing to overcome extreme adversity and this rich story vividly illustrates how and why this woman of deep compassion inspires everyone she meets.

Jillian Haslam’s journey
finds its way to Hollywood Studios


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Huw Penallt-Jones


Involved in the completion and delivery of around 100 films, Huw’s list of producer credits includes Interlude in Prague, Damascus Cover, The Man Who Knew Infinity (Co-Producer), Patagonia, The Edge of Love, and Cold Mountain (Executive Producer)

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Helen Cromarty


Helen Clare Cromarty is a British screenwriter, executive producer and author. Born in Tettenhall, Staffordshire, England, she trained as a teacher and gained a B.Ed from Bangor University.

Following three years teaching in primary schools, she began freelancing as a script reader, script editor, and script writer. And the rest is history!

Helen co wrote the screenplay Interlude in Prague with Brian Ashby and John Stephenson, from an original story by Brian Ashby, and went on to set up the film project.

Jillian Haslam


Jillian Haslam has been appointed Executive Producer to ensure the story is authentically told and accurately reflects how she used resilience to overcome major obstacles life put in her way in order to succeed and to give back.



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