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Take charge of your life, Use the experiences you’ve had to create opportunities, to be recognised, to feel worthy and most importantly, to be able to afford to provide for your family and yourself (I mean really provide)!

You are all geared up for success right?

Every opportunity is built out of an experience that already exists.

That idea you want to explore and tell the whole world about, is already being thought of or explored by someone, somewhere......

On this journey of self-discovery, there are loads of pitfalls and obstacles that you will encounter.

Everybody wants to be recognized, everyone wants to succeed and everyone wants to be heard, don't you?

You need to learn the basis that will enable you to be heard, to structure and set up a thriving business initiative for yourself and then to go on (maybe) and help others to do the same.

The world needs to hear about you

Share your knowledge and your experience and watch how people flock to you for
what? – your experience, your wisdom and your stories!!

You are already a step ahead of millions - because of that ideas you once had, the ideas
You now have or the ideas the you will have,, once we have been through a
brain-storming exercise in a structured manner.

Now! You need to find the right approach to turn your ideas into something tangible that
gives you the opportunity to be heard and recognized.

If you are struggling to discover that authentic experience of yours that can be converted
into a life changing opportunity.


I have put together a complete course on 'How to turn your
experience into opportunity'
I have based this on my own
experiences, my own learnings and my own success.

I am Jillian Haslam, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker and philanthropist, I will be taking you down this road if you let me. You can read all about my story and why it’s being turned into Hollywood production at

Remember the life of freedom you want to live?

Quitting that 9 -5 job to work at your pace and still living your dream?

Being able to provide for your family (I mean truly provide for them)

I am here for you, be the boss you want to be and leave your worries to me,

The world is rooting for you!

The world is rooting for you!



I am here to help you on this journey of self-discovery, this course will open your mind and will...

  • Show you the path to turn your experiences or stories into opportunities
  • Avoid all the hurdles you may encounter when you decide to do it yourself
  • Show you how to process, absorb and deliver, giving you a set of practical actions to move forward
  • Will teach you the right approach to be heard, recognized and respected.
  • How to build your business and create multiple sources of income.
  • How to set up a thriving business in order to help others to benefit from.
  • Will help you to acquire all the skills you need in order to create business opportunities that will help you to survive & thrive

Are you ready to dive into this sea of entrepreneurship? Or do you
want to hang in a bit to decide what you want to really do?


It’s time to get serious about your business idea.

Ideas are easy. Good ideas are a bit harder. But any idea un-attempted is nothing but a wish.

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