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Captivate and Inspire Your Audience!

Over 250,000+ online references can only suggest that Jillian Haslam is a public speaker who is really worth listening to. Many can motivate, but a few can truly inspire in the way she does and thus, she is the perfect choice for your organisation or event.

Moving through a childhood of extreme malnutrition (she lost four siblings to starvation before the ages of six months) and racial abuse, Jillian went on to rise through the ranks of the banking industry, first in India and then in the UK, and now is a nationally renowned motivational speaker, who inspires others to push past their fears and overcome adversity. She also runs five charities alongside her six businesses.


Jillian is a modern-day success story – a real ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ if you will. Her warmth and wisdom and outstanding presentation skills will grab your audience’s attention and the power of her words will inspire them to overcome the struggles they face and achieve higher levels of success and happiness.

Among other things, she can share:

  • How she went from being homeless and hungry to a successful banking professional turned celebrity author, motivational speaker, trainer and philanthropist

  • How not just to survive hard times, but use them to achieve greater success in the future

  • How to develop the courage to overcome your fears and pursue what you really want in life

  • The secret to persistence and gaining a rock-steady focus on achieving your goals

  • How to ask for help and to understand the difference between quantity and quality in what you are seeking

  • And much, much more

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