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Featured Certified Workshops

Master the Art of Public Speaking – Conquer your fears and master the skills and self-confidence needed to become a successful leader in the workplace.

After attending Jillian’s workshop, you will:

Keynote Speeches

Learn the tools to take control of your past and reshape your future. Drawing from her own traumatic past as a child in the slums of India, Jillian has shared her message of hope and empowerment with audiences around the world.

Corporate Conferences

Transform your company culture and inspire your team. With over 15 years of experience in the global banking world, Jillian is able to help your employees understand their full potential and take steps to reach their goals.

School & University Lectures

Teach your students how to overcoming obstacles, fight fear, and respond to setbacks. As a child, Jillian was surrounded by poverty and death. Now she is able to help students from any background to take control of their past and reshape their future.

Virtual Sessions

Jillian is available for online sessions, for talks, discussions and speeches. Bringing her keynote speeches and courses online. Book Jillian for your next online event.

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