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“I wanted to set-up a training & development business within the HR sector but I was struggling for too long. I attended very many seminars and conferences but none of them were that helpful. I met Jillian in Dubai and with the help of private coaching, I am now delivering presentations to very large organizations.

I can actually say that she changed my life. I will never stop working with her. If you are looking to be a trainer, a speaker or set-up your own business, Jillian can help you both personally and professionally.”

Shazia Mansour El-Sheikh UAE

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Educational Testimonials

“Jillian’s speech was captivating. The sixth form students and teachers present were fascinated to learn of her journey from the Indian slums to successful positions in the banking industry. Her advice was refreshing as in a world where emphasis is often give to achieving academic grades and MBA’s as a route to success, it is heartening to hear that just being yourself, being humble and a decent human being can also be so important for those aiming to reach the top. Something that is too frequently overlooked, particularly in schools where students feel so much pressure to chase the top grades and places at the elite universities. I would like to wish Jillian every success in her charity work and with all the work that she is doing to help support children in India who truly have nothing.”
Claire Edwards, Student,
Head of Psychology, Kingswood College, UK
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