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What is God Trying to Give the World through You?

‘Why am I here?’

This is a question many of us ask ourselves, but always a difficult one to find answers to.

No matter, one thing you should always try to remember is this: You are here for a reason. God put you here, and He has an important mission He wants you to fulfil.

Truth is, though, God’s purposes will not always be as clear-cut as we would want them to be.

As we go about our quest for success and happiness, we may find ourselves struggling. Other times, we wander without direction in a wilderness of our own making.


What we may overlook during times like these is that when we try to work things out our own way, the hurdles we encounter along the way could be because we are not aligned with God’s purpose in our life.

We are trying to find fulfilment through our own means, as opposed to God’s.

Whenever we resist God’s plan for us, with or without our knowledge, we struggle. When we don’t heed to His calling, our efforts tend to be futile.

Our best way forward, therefore, is to pursue the wisdom of the Divine, and to follow Him wherever He will.

Go with the flow (read intuition), we are often told, and we will never go wrong. When we follow God’s lead, it’s hard to falter along the way, despite the inevitable obstacles that fraught every path.

But the big question is, where is God trying to lead us? What is His purpose for us? What is He trying to give the world through us?

There are a few ways you can try to unearth your mission on earth.

Listen to your Dissatisfaction

We have been conditioned to believe that dissatisfaction is not a good thing, and we should go out of our way to avoid it. Cast it to the side. Give it a cold shoulder. And pretend it doesn’t bother us.

What we might be overlooking is that God might be using the dissatisfaction to make us uncomfortable so we can pursue a different path where our gifts can shine.

It’s like a pebble lodged in a shoe when you are in a rush to get somewhere.

You want to carry on walking because stopping will only waste some precious minutes that you could be covering some distance. So you hope the pebble will readjust itself inside the shoe, at least until you get to your destination.

But in truth, you can only ignore it for so long.

However, dissatisfaction is not always a sign that you’re out of God’s will. Sometimes, it could be due to spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:10-12).

But it can also be an indication that God wants to use you for a different purpose.

If, for instance, you are not happy in your current job or career, and you have been for some time – you’ve prayed and sought guidance from the scriptures and other people, yet you still remain miserable – it could be that God might well have another plan for you.

Listen to others

While God might try to point you in the right direction through dissatisfaction, listening to others can also reveal God’s purpose for you.

Here’s what we mean…

How many times in your life has someone observed a particular trait, gift or passion in you and suggested that you might well be served pursuing a certain cause to that effect, and you’re like – ‘You know, I’ve heard that from many people before’.

We are not talking about your nit-picking or obsession with hygiene that your siblings always fault you for.

More like, say, an analytical mind that could make you a great logistics manager, or business analyst. Or maybe you light up whenever you talk about things wildlife – could it be God might be looking to use you as a champion for animal rights?

When people make comments on or notice a gift you have, take note. God may be trying to whisper something to you through His people.

Of course, there are many occasions when you shouldn’t listen to people.

But when their comments about us are in line with our gifts, internal convictions, passions or things God has already revealed to us, it can be a solid clue of our God-given purpose.

Listen to your Passions

If someone asked you what makes you happy, excited, angry or passionate, what would your answer be?

Observe moments when your emotions are stirred; they could be hinting at a God-given purpose that needs to be fulfilled.

Some of us are usually moved by the sight of families living on the streets.

Others are stoked by inhumane stories such as human trafficking and child abuse.

There are those who light up when they see a beautiful mural or painting.

Others derive deep satisfaction in books; while there are those whom good oratory feels like heart tonic.

When these poignant feelings are coupled with a gift or talent, they could clue you in to your God-given purpose.

Think about it. Meditate about it. Pray. Ask God to reveal things that move you and create a list of them.

Keep in mind, He wants you to discover His purpose for you more than you do.

Listen to your Gifts

Gifts are one of the clearest ways to discover what God’s plan for you is. Each of us possesses a certain gift.

Some absolutely loathe maths, but they have a keen enthusiasm for matters history.

Others can’t play sport, but they are great wordsmiths.

There are those who aren’t into tech, but they have a thing for caregiving and nursing.

Some people we know are proficient in building things, others love teaching.

Create a list of things and activities that intrigue you and which you excel in. You can also ask yourself what it is that you do better than others.

Our gifts are like small seeds residing in us. For them to grow, you have to nourish and use them. If you are not sure about your gift seeds, try immersing yourself in things that interest you.

Through these new experiences, God will shed more insights about who you are and what He is trying to give the world through you.

Last Thoughts

In closing, remember that your purpose is not just about you; it is about the things God wants to achieve through you.

For that reason, if you ignore your dissatisfaction or the things people are saying about you, or neglect your passions and your gifts, you are betraying yourself as much as you are betraying God.

You are here because you have a purpose God wants you to walk in – for others and for your own joy.

Besides, since God has called you, He is capable of revealing your purpose to you, and He will if you seek Him in earnest (Heb. 11:6).




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Born and raised in abject poverty in Calcutta – Jillian is a truly inspirational and professional keynote speaker. She uses her experience and motivational stories to inspire others to face their fears using the power of resilience, something she calls “He Irrepressible Mind.”. With her motivational words and her warmth, she engages and empathises with her audience. She has received some of the most amazing testimonials from Corporates, universities & schools alike. To review some of these, please visit

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