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Women’s Empowerment Speaker to Help Women Achieve their Full Potential

Women are playing a central role in today’s dynamic world. Whether it’s in business, politics and government, education, tech, entrepreneurship, medicine or other fields, women are no longer spectators watching from the sidelines.

Despite the gains being made, however, challenges still abound in all spheres – economic, social, political and cultural. To unlock their full potential at an individual or professional level, women need to find a space to connect, learn from one another, share experiences and motivate each other.

This is where Jillian Haslam comes in.

A resilience coach and women’s empowerment speaker, Jillian helps women in different domains to build resilience and inspires them to break the glass ceiling in their respective fields.

Whether it’s women in business, women in leadership, professional women’s groups or women’s empowerment networks, Jillian has been engaging women at different levels for more than 15 years to provide solutions to various challenges they are facing.

She is a regular speaker for women’s conferences, women empowerment groups and women’s professional networking groups in the UK and Europe at large. As a distinguished international keynote speaker, she serves other regions as well, including Australia, India, the Middle East and North America.

If you’re looking for a women’s empowerment speaker or trainer to inspire your women’s group through keynote presentations or coaching workshops, look no further. Jillian’s extensive experience in women empowerment makes her the perfect addition to any event. Her lessons will have a profound impact on your audience.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Professional women’s groups and women in leadership speaker

In addition to her career as a female motivational speaker and resilience coach, Jillian spent 23 years in the banking industry where her efforts saw her promoted to head departments in some of the biggest banks in the world, including the Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of America.

For someone who had been raised in the slums with little hope of ever making it out, it remains an incredible feat in its own right. Her inspiring story – widely covered in mainstream media – demonstrates that no circumstances are insurmountable: a message the published author is keen to share with as many women as possible around the globe.

Jillian attributes her success to hard work, persistence and resilience – all values she espouses to female professionals in her motivational talks.

Berlin Women in Business.jpg

As a speaker for women in leadership and professional women’s groups, Jillian’s keynotes capture her inspiring journey from the bottom to the top, demonstrating that it is indeed possible for women to make meaningful strides in the professional world despite the odds stacked against them.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

What topics for professional women’s groups are you booked to speak on?

As a guest speaker for women’s groups, Jillian has spoken to hundreds of professional women’s groups.


Some of the myriad topics companies and event planners have tapped her to speak about revolve around:

  • Women in leadership

  • Career transition

  • Work-life balance

  • Resilience

  • Mental health issues

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Violence and harassment

  • Cultural norms and expectations

  • Rightful access to justice

  • Stress management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Leveraging public speaking and communication skills

  • Personal branding

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

There are plenty of challenges women face in the corporate world and many hurdles to jump. Bringing in an experienced women’s speaker to provide support and guidance can empower women at the workplace to navigate these obstacles better and inspire them to achieve their professional goals.

As someone who has walked the corporate path and is a successful businesswoman herself, Jillian has plenty of insights to share that could prove invaluable to your women’s group or network.

Get in touch with her and find out how she can inspire your audience.


Top women’s conference speaker


Besides working as a women’s empowerment speaker for professional women’s groups and women’s leadership keynote speaker, Jillian also boasts a wealth of experience as a women’s conference speaker.

A riveting motivational speaker on women’s issues, she is passionate about helping women at all levels of society succeed and make a positive impact in society.

As a women’s conference speaker, she brings the inspiration of a woman who has overcome all odds, the passion of uplifting and empowering women in society, and knowledge of more than 14 years as an international women’s speaker.

She speaks at different women’s events, forums and groups, including the following:

  • Women's Leadership Forum

  • Global Women's Forum

  • Women’s International Leadership Conference

  • Global Women in Leadership (GWIL) Conference

  • Women’s Empowerment Summit

  • European Women in Business (EWiB) Conference

  • International Women in Leadership Conference

  • Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF)

  • The Women's Chapter

  • She Leads Summit

  • Women in Leadership Europe

  • Inspiring Women Leaders Conference

  • Leading Women in Business Summit

  • Power Women Summit

  • European Professional Women’s Network

  • Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference

  • All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum

  • Women of the Future Summit

  • Women Influence Forum

  • FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO)

  • Women’s Leadership Symposium

  • SheLeads Tech

  • Women’s Success Summit

  • Women in Strategy Summit

  • Women’s Leadership Excellence Conference

  • Empower Women Conference

  • Women of Impact Conference

  • Women in Leadership Conference

  • Lean In India Summit

  • Vital Voices Global Leadership Network

  • The Women's Forum for the Economy and Society

  • Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

  • Women in Finance Summit

  • Women in Leadership Summit

  • TEDx Women

  • Executive Leadership Summit

  • Women’s Leadership Institute

  • Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW)

  • International Women’s Day Conference

  • Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Conference

  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

  • She Speaks Conference

  • Women in Public Speaking Conference

  • Global Women's Leadership Summit

  • Women for Women International Luncheon

  • Women in Global Business Summit

  • Leading Ladies Networking Event

  • Women Leading Change Conference

  • International Conference on Gender and Women’s Studies

  • Women of Wisdom Conference

Jillian recognises the need to align her presentations to unique conference themes and tailor her talks to different audiences. She takes time to understand your event goals and needs of the attendees, liaising closely with meeting planners and event organisers to ensure your needs are met.

This is what makes her one of the most effective women’s conference speakers. Because no matter the occasion, she will rise to it; with speeches and keynotes carefully structured to resonate with the audience of the day for maximum effect.

Whether you’re looking to book a women’s speaker for a virtual conference or in-person event, you can trust Jillian to bring her A-game that elevates your event and guarantees the attendees good value.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Women’s speaker cut out for your event

As a women’s conference speaker and mentor, Jillian is booked to speak on a raft of topics, ranging from leadership to resilience, career growth, societal topics, female empowerment and other women’s issues.

As well, her audience is as diverse as the list of women’s events she speaks at. From young women to top executives, women entrepreneurs to business owners, Jillian is a dynamic women’s speaker well-versed in delivering presentations in front of different audiences and groups.

If you’re looking for a top women’s empowerment speaker for a conference or women’s group, the inspirational Jillian will work together with you to ensure your event scores a big WIN with your guests.


PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

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