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Motivational After Dinner Speaker to Leave your Audience Inspired

Jillian, a female after dinner speaker, speaking at an event

An after dinner speaker is always a nice addition to cap off any corporate event, conference or fundraiser memorably. The most memorable after dinner speakers are those whose performance lives long in the memory of the audience. As such, you want to get your pick right when booking your after dinner speakers.

No matter the theme, the ending is a memorable part of every event, so you don’t want anyone who will simply be turning up to go through the motions.


Jillian Haslam is an accomplished female after dinner speaker in the UK who provides a welcome break from the usual.

As a professional motivational speaker who has graced stages the world over, she employs her career experience to hook her audience, sharing personal anecdotes about her fascinating journey from the very bottom of the societal rungs, to becoming one of the leading motivational speakers in the UK.

If you are looking for an inspiring after dinner speaker to uplift your audience with captivating true-life stories about adversity and mental resilience that are the subject of a Hollywood production, Jillian is a perfect fit.

One of the Most Coveted Business
After Dinner Speakers

As a motivational speaker who largely caters to a corporate clientele, Jillian is in her true element when she’s in front of a corporate crowd. Regardless of your event’s goal(s), you cannot afford to gamble with business after dinner speakers. They need to be spot-on.

Business after dinner speakers should be able to connect with their audience and be at ease with the topic. They should be able to provide valuable insights at the end of the day that the audience will find useful. Ideally, their stories need to echo long in the memory of the attendees. In a good way!

Jillian at an after dinner event in Yorkshire

That’s what Jillian brings as a motivational after dinner speaker.: stirring, insightful, memorable yet light-hearted messages that will provide real value to your audience.


It’s fair to say the after dinner speaking circuit has lately suffered from a serving of bland fare courtesy of the usual roster of TV presenters, sports personalities, comics and retired politicians. Jillian’s presentations are a breath of fresh air devoid of clichés; ones that won’t leave your audience choking on their dinner.

Versatile Female After Dinner Speaker

Jillian receiving an award at the International Exhibition & Awards event in the United Arab Emirates

Despite being one of the niftiest business after dinner speakers, Jillian is a versatile speaker suited for a whole range of events.

The female after dinner speaker is well cut out for, among others:

  • Corporate events

  • Conferences

  • Business networking events

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Fundraisers

  • Gala dinners

A conscious motivational after dinner speaker, Jillian is a good reader of the room, an understated quality that allows her to stay within the same wavelength as her audience.


This way, she is able to attune her message and tone to the atmosphere of the dining and wining session, ensuring her message hits home while making the attendees feel good about themselves.

After Dinner Speakers Near Me: Looking for
an After Dinner Speaker UK?

Images showing the different cities Jillian has delivered after dinner speeches in

If you are within the UK and searching for good after dinner speakers near me to deliver a transformative experience at your next event, Jillian provides after dinner speaking services across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

This means she’s open to events looking for top :

After dinner speakers London

After dinner speakers Yorkshire

After dinner speakers Manchester

After dinner speakers North East

After dinner speakers Wales

After dinner speakers Northern Ireland

After dinner speakers Ireland

In her capacity as a renowned international speaker, however, Jillian is not tethered within the shores of Britain. Her speaking services take her across different countries and regions, including countries in Europe, as well as India, the UAE, Australia and the United States.


The motivational after dinner speaker is open to both live and virtual events bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are after dinner speakers?

An after dinner speaker is someone invited to speak at a gathering or event, and usually speaks after the meal has been served. After dinner speakers are brought in to entertain the audience or share stories, and the tone of their talk is typically light-hearted. That is down to the unique nature of after dinner events since they have a social aspect to them. Still, an after dinner speech is aimed at informing the audience about one or more issues. After dinner speakers are experts in a particular field, and much like other professional speakers, it is this background that largely informs their presentation or speech. While some are comedians, after dinner speakers could be anyone really – sports personalities, musicians, journalists, celebrities, business speakers, entrepreneurs, you name it.

What makes a good after dinner speaker?

After dinner speaking can be a tricky proposition. The speaker is tasked with the enormous responsibility of capturing the attention of weary, well-fed attendees, while still managing to share valuable insights without leaving everyone yawning. This is why after dinner speaking is typically laced with a dash of humour, although this needs to be a calculated approach lest the speaker’s remarks get interpreted the wrong way, putting a damper on proceedings. While humour is an essential feature for an after dinner speech, it is not everything – unless, the nature of the event dictates so. A good after dinner speaker needs to be someone who is mindful of their audience. Ideally, you also want someone who is well-versed in after dinner speaking because after dinner speeches need to be witty and to-the-point. The speech needs to take the audience on a journey while providing value to the attendees. Definitely many boxes to tick.

Why hire an after dinner speaker?

An after dinner speaker is a great addition to any event as they can enhance the experience of the occasion. Whether it’s a charity gala, corporate conference, end-of-year party or other event, a good after dinner speaker can transform an ordinary evening into a memorable experience. A corporate after dinner event is also a great occasion to drive a particular message home. Whether it’s leadership insights, teamwork lessons, company values or industry-related insights, these speakers can help you achieve that objective. After dinner gatherings are also learning occasions where the audience can soak in tips and inspiration. For example, a successful business coach can choose to share their journey to success and the challenges they went through to get to the top. In so doing, your audience can gain valuable wisdom about the importance of resilience in the road to success.

How do I find a suitable after dinner speaker?

Before hiring an after dinner speaker, decide on the theme of the event and what objectives you wish to accomplish. Figure out how an after dinner speaker fits into the equation in line with the theme and objectives of the occasion. Sometimes, not every shoe fits, so doing this allows you to narrow down on the right kind of speaker to help you take things home. For example, do you wish for your audience to learn about overcoming challenges and how to achieve success against all odds? An after dinner speaker versed in resilience matters would be a good fit. Similarly, a motivational speaker would be ideal to bring in to discuss the value of social justice and how to make a difference in the community. A comedian, on the other hand, would be an ideal pick if you wish to end the evening on a light note by poking fun at the idiosyncrasies and quirks of human nature. You also need to consider your audience demographics before booking your after dinner speaker. Lastly, review the speaker’s expertise and look at their testimonials.

How much does an after dinner speaker cost?

The cost of after dinner speakers varies widely. The cost will depend on the speaker’s domain or expertise, type of event, scope of event and more. The best way to determine the cost is to ask for a quote from the speakers you’re considering booking. To find out how much Jillian Haslam charges for after dinner speaking services, reach out to her through or call directly on +44 (0) 7741098723.

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