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Corporate Event Coordinator Can Take
the Burden of Planning Off Your Plate

PLANNING a corporate event, whether it’s a conference or team building event,

can be a headache. An experienced corporate event coordinator can sweat the small stuff for

you so you don’t have to.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Minimise Downtime By Enlisting a TOP-TIER Corporate
Event Services Planner


An event coordinator can come in handy for corporates looking to outsource event planning services. With a banking career stretching over two decades, Jillian Haslam has assisted global banks to plan team events that have a clear purpose and strategic alignment.

In addition to serving as The President of The Bank of America Employee Network for four major cities, Jillian was also Head of Events at RBS – two roles that involved scheduling and planning team events, from budgeting down to the actual team activities.

One of the most notable events Jillian has worked on involved arranging the official visit of President Bill Clinton to India during his presidency. As the Head Planner at BofA, she worked closely together with The American Council and The US Embassy to streamline the President’s meeting with the business community, including planning one-on-one meetings, two after-dinner events and a press conference.

Seasoned Event Coordinator for Companies Across Different Verticals

Jillian is a meticulous corporate event coordinator who is great at tailoring events in sync with the vision of the organisation. She is well-versed in themed entertainment and will put together an event that aligns with brand or corporate guidelines while catering to the needs of the employees or attendees.

Jillian is often entrusted with planning corporate event services by clients across different industries, from banking to hospitality, pharmaceutical to non-profit organisations, and more.

In addition to the blue-chip multinationals she has worked with, other big names that have found her corporate event services useful include, among others:

  • Morgan Stanley

  • ABN AMRO Bank

  • The Holiday Inn

  • Rotary International

  • The Halcyon Group

If you need a corporate event coordinator to organise a top-tier event for you without involving a full-fledged events management company, Jillian excels in fashioning impactful corporate events that make for memorable occasions.

A Few of Jillian’s Corporate Event Services Testimonials

Liubomir Stambuk (LJ), President & CEO, World Affairs Council of Charlotte & Bank of America

“The Council has received excellent feedback from the attendees, and your insights were greatly appreciated. "It was particularly informative to learn about how you, alongside former Bank of America India CEO Ambi Venkateswaran, worked to transform from an internally focused corporation to an external one dedicated to building up its community”

Outdoor & Indoor Team Building Events

Planning a team building event? Jillian is an experienced team event planner with an impressive CV who can help you with:

  • Indoor team building events

  • Outdoor team building events

Jillian’s indoor and outdoor team building events are designed around the following themes:


Jillian and colleagues at an outdoor team building event

Enhancing employee engagement

With Jillian's expertise, team events can become powerful tools for enhancing employee engagement. Jillian helps leaders create meaningful and engaging experiences that energise employees, boost morale and cultivate a positive work culture.

Corporate Event Production Expert for a Range of Events

A professional corporate speaker and certified business coach, Jillian serves as an event consultant for some of the corporations and clients she collaborates with, considering speaking engagements and coaching sessions often involve either a:

  • Workshop

  • Conference or summit

  • Seminar

  • Webinar, virtual meetup or live Q&A

  • Networking event

  • Breakfast or luncheon meeting

  • After-dinner event

  • Corporate party

Corporate event production expert for a variety of events

Jillian has overseen hundreds of events and can help you make your next event a memorable one. She will sort out the corporate event production nitty-gritty, whether it’s:

Jillian is an expert who has overseen hundreds of corporate events
  • Budgeting

  • Planning logistics

  • Setting the event day agenda in liaison with the client

  • Booking speakers and curating the guest list

  • Preparing team building activities in accordance with the goal of the event

Need Help Planning a Team Building Event?

Jillian can help you in planning indoor or outdoor corporate events

An event coordinator can help take the weight of planning a team building event off your shoulders.

Take the guesswork out of the equation by bringing in an expert team event planner that will organise a WOW event that achieves its intended objective without blowing your budget.

Whether you are envisioning outdoor or indoor team building events, Jillian will go the extra step to ensure your event is a success.

Reach out today and let her know how she can help.

Jillian caters to an international clientele, with the bulk of her calls coming from the UK and Europe.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

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