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Jillian, a published author and female motivational speaker UK, reading from a tablet

Jillian Haslam is one the leading female motivational speakers in the UK on the topics of adversity and resilience

As a distinguished keynote speaker for 14 years and counting, Jillian has carved a reputation as one of the most inspiring motivational speakers in the UK. Her mission? To empower individuals and organisations to navigate challenges and realise their full potential.

Before venturing into professional speaking and resilience coaching, Jillian spent 23 years as a banking executive, including senior roles at BofA and RBS. Today, the British motivational speaker uses her platform as a public speaker to spur mindset shifts in individuals with a view to transforming their lives at a personal and professional level.

Just like she did.

Yes, Jillian is a motivational speaker. But her keynote addresses and motivational talks UK are purposely designed to be practical, not theoretical. She aims to inspire genuine action. Because she knows better than most that regardless of the gravity of the challenge, adversities – individual or organisational – can be overcome. And for those that seem impossible to surmount, there is always an opportunity if we care to look.

How do you do that?

The secret lies in the mind; and for organisations, approach.

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Walking the WALK: Success strategies from one of the top motivational speakers UK

One of the most sought-after female motivational speakers on resilience, what makes Jillian different is that she has been there and done that.

Born to British parents in India where her family remained behind after WWII, hers is a remarkable journey of twists and turns. A journey the now published author beautifully narrates in her memoir, A Voice Out of Poverty, that has garnered
rave reviews from mainstream media, including Newsweek, Forbes Magazine, Channel 5 News UK and more.

From growing up in abject poverty in the slums, to heading departments in some of the world’s biggest banks where her efforts earned her accolades aplenty, Jillian is indeed proof that individuals can overcome the toughest of challenges and achieve whatever they set their mind to.

She attributes her success to mental resilience. And she believes it is a skill anyone can develop and use to transform their lives, whether you’re looking to:

  • Improve personal aspects of your life

  • Make a step up in your career

  • Boost your prospects depending on your station in life

  • Navigate challenges in business

  • Identify and leverage entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Become an inspiring leader that everyone looks up to

  • Reverse negative organisational or team cultures and entrench healthy habits

As much as success and growth involves a cocktail of factors, the way you approach challenges and frame issues has a bearing on what outcome you get.

It is these lessons that the UK inspirational speaker packs into

and aims to impart in her motivational speeches and keynotes – each of which is uniquely calibrated to suit the context of her audience, be it organisational teams, event attendees or other groups.

Need to inspire your team or looking for a female motivational speaker UK for your event? Get in touch with Jillian and find out she can help you.

Cover of Jillian's book, A Voice Out of Poverty, which was awarded a Kirkus Star review for her story about adversity and resilience

Jillian’s memoir, A Voice Out of Poverty, has received a Kirkus review and enjoyed plenty of plaudits, including an endorsement from the Duchess of York, Dame Sarah Ferguson

Cover of Jillian's career handbook, The Irrepressible Mind, which details the 9 steps to overcome adversity and achieve your fullest potential

"Jillian has also authored The Irrepressible Mind, a career handbook that weaves eye-opening insights and personal
experiences into a 9-step formula on how to overcome setbacks in the pursuit of goals and purpose."

What topics do you address as a motivational speaker?

A glowing review of Jillian from World Affairs Council President after the international female motivational speaker gave an inspiring speech about overcoming adversity to her audience in the USA

Jillian uses her unique life journey and career path as reference points to inspire her audience to start unlocking their power and true potential.

Some of the key topics she covers in her speeches include:

  • Navigating challenges

  • Cultivating resilience and a growth mindset

  • Change management

  • Thriving in adversity

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • Workplace productivity and team dynamics

With Jillian, no two presentations are the same, with each tailored to address the needs of respective audiences.

Motivational keynotes to develop resilient teams and leadership

Jillian interacting with her UK audience as she delivers motivational keynotes

As a speaker, Jillian is relatable and noted for her ability to deliver keynotes that do more than just motivate people for a week or two.

An experienced business motivational speaker, she tries to understand the actual problems bedevilling organisations first before she prepares her speech or training programme.

What you WILL get from Jillian: practical advice

This is through:

  • A tailored speech that speaks to your individual needs as an organisation, team or group

  • A solution-oriented presentation that promotes sustainable action with a view to helping your audience address the unique issues they may be grappling with

  • Motivational keynotes that inspire while at the same time prompting you to work with what you’ve got

What you will NOT get from Jillian: motivational speeches that gloss over the real issues

One thing that definitely has no long-standing impact is:

  • A generic address laden with wishy-washy titbits

  • Presentations that are more “inspirational” in nature and less about uncovering the real issues you’re facing

  • A speech that lacks actionable insights

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

UK Inspirational Speaker Jillian allows her audience time for an interactive session

A message that sticks long after the presentation

As one of the most sought-after business motivational speakers in the UK, Jillian prides herself in delivering presentations whose message hits the audience hard.

She relies on storytelling and real human experiences to connect with the audience at a deeper level, ensuring her insights live in the memory long after she leaves the stage.

If you need a motivational speaker in the UK that can motivate people to break self-imposed limitations and achieve their true potential, Jillian is a perfect fit.

A motivational speaker UK for different events

You can book Jillian to speak at a range of events that need a motivational or inspirational speaker. These include:

  • Conferences

  • Team building events

  • Sales and marketing workshops

  • Educational and personal development workshops

  • Corporate retreats

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Annual corporate gatherings

  • Summits and seminars

  • Events that require women motivational speakers

  • Youth groups

  • Events that require local speakers for small groups

Women motivational speaker Jillian Haslam giving a presentation in front of a seated female audience

Whether it’s an audience of 10 or you’re hosting 1,000 attendees, you can bet on Jillian to captivate the room and ensure everyone walks out with important takeaways that achieve the objectives of your event.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Motivational speaker on resilience near me: Locations served in the UK

Six-time TEDx Speaker Jillian Haslam delivering a motivational TED talk in Stormont, Ireland

If you are in the UK and searching for a “motivational speaker near me”, Jillian presents at a range of corporate functions and other events across the country. The six-time TEDx speaker has delivered presentations across different cities, from London to Edinburgh, all the way to Dublin.

Whether you need a motivational speaker in West Midlands or East Midlands, looking for a guest speaker in the North East of England or a motivational speaker for your event in Yorkshire, these are all locations Jillian graces to propel thousands in the corporate, business, educational and community worlds towards their goals.

Need a motivational keynote speaker to encourage your team? Jillian is an exceptional figure in the field of resilience who can change the way your people think and inspire a healthy “can-do” culture within your organisation.

She is also the perfect public speaker to hire if you need an inspirational speaker for women, either at a corporate level or for when you need a speaker for local women’s groups at the communal level.

Jillian does in-person presentations and virtual addresses.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to hire a motivational speaker in the UK?

The cost of hiring a professional public speaker in the UK could range anywhere between £1,000 and £150,000. It largely depends on the speaker’s credentials and profile in terms of popularity. Most budgets skew towards the lower end of the price spectrum. But it doesn’t mean you’re getting a B-rated speaker. In this line of work, higher doesn’t automatically mean better.

How do I hire a UK motivational speaker?

If you’re reading this, this is a good starting point! Otherwise, an alternative is to look up motivational speakers on the various professional speaker bureau websites or ask for a recommendation. Before you hire a speaker, it is important to be clear on what exactly you want to achieve by bringing in a motivational speaker. It helps you narrow down your options since speakers differ in terms of life experiences, topic and material, as well as presentation style. All these things have a say in whether a speaker will be a good match or not. Budget is also worth factoring in.

Who is the best female motivational speaker in the UK?

When it comes to speakers, “best” is subjective. For example, when it comes to the topic of Adversity & Resilience, Jillian Haslam is considered one of the top speakers on the UK speaking circuit. Some lists will include names that require no introduction, but you have to ask whether these names are congruent with what you are hoping to achieve by bringing in a speaker. A more practical way to look at it is to consider the speaker’s subject matter expertise and experiences. Then figure out how well these marry with the objectives you want to achieve by hiring a motivational speaker. The speaker’s delivery matters too, as does experience with a similar audience as yours. Were past clients satisfied? What do the testimonials say? All things worth considering.

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