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Jillian, one of the top female motivational speakers in India, addressing the media at a past arts event in India

One of the Most Inspiring Female Motivational Speakers in India

Jillian Haslam is an international motivational speaker renowned for her passion to lift others up and inspire real, positive change.

Born in Kolkata, India to British parents, Jillian spent much of her childhood in the slums of Kidderpore. Life was a struggle for daily survival, which would see her lose four of her siblings to poverty and malnutrition.

Despite the hardship and harrowing experiences she endured from a young age, she was determined to overcome her adversity and transform her family’s fortunes.

Fast-forward several years later, and the young girl who

used to shelter under a staircase for the night would go on to achieve the impossible. After enjoying a high-flying career in some of the world’s biggest banks, she later relocated to London where she went on to share her story with the world as an international motivational speaker and corporate coach.

Today, Jillian has emerged as one of the most renowned women motivational speakers in the field of resilience.

Some of the areas she is hired to speak on include:

  • Coping with challenges

  • Navigating change and uncertainty

  • Mental toughness and activating a resilient mindset

  • Leveraging potential

  • Team dynamics

  • Leadership resilience

Do you deliver motivational talks in India?

Despite relocating to London, Jillian maintains close ties with her country of birth. As a renowned global motivational keynote speaker, India remains one of her most popular locations.

Besides giving motivational talks and keynote addresses to companies and conferences in India, uplifting the lives of the less fortunate is something Jillian has always been determined to do. She is a humanitarian with multiple active
charity projects in Kolkata that seek to empower various disadvantaged groups in the community.

You will therefore often find her shuttling between India and the UK.

As one of the top female motivational speakers in India and globally on the topic of resilience, she believes resilience is a developable skill and a skill anyone can cultivate. This is the message she wishes to share with individuals and organisations using her platform as a speaker and coach.

A glowing review from the Manager of The Bank of Travancore, Kerala about the value of hiring Jillian to deliver corporate motivational talks in India

Her unique life story is an inspiration on its own, but Jillian is living proof that indeed we can achieve whatever we put our mind to if we want it badly enough and are willing to take the necessary steps to get there.

Changing mindsets to transform lives

Knowing how to ride through challenges is a key ingredient for success, both at an individual and organisational level. It is possible to have clear goals, an actionable plan and all the intention, but without resilience, achieving these goals can be a stretch.

Resilience instils in us a winning mindset we need to succeed. Every individual experiences setbacks in life, personal or professional. The same applies to organisations. Knowing how to ride through the storm regardless of the size and shape the clouds come in is a huge asset.

As someone who has faced and had to overcome personal hardships and professional challenges all her life, Jillian is well-equipped to teach individuals, organisations and their people a thing or two about overcoming adversity and succeeding when the odds seem stacked against you.

She is a strong believer that success largely lies in an individual’s mindset or organisation’s approach to challenges. Because she has been there and seen it. And over a 14-year speaking and coaching career, she has worked with people and companies dealing with different challenges to understand that this – often – is the distinguishing factor between succeeding and failing.

Jillian employs a refreshingly honest approach and relatable experiences, with her motivational talks serving as a “spark” for transformation. Her speeches are sobering and doused with insights relevant to the audience and challenges you’re facing.

For organisations, events or groups looking for impactful women motivational speakers, the English speaker with Indian roots cannot come highly recommended enough.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Who do you work with?

Jillian is regularly hired by event planners, corporates and other entities in India in need of inspirational and motivational speakers. Her motivational talks on resilience find good audience with:

  • Organisational teams

  • Business leaders

  • Companies across different sectors, including banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and more

  • Institutions like schools, non-profits, government & public administration entities

  • Women’s groups and networks at an organisational and community level

  • Youth initiatives

  • Conferences – local or global – etc.

She can be booked as a guest speaker or keynote speaker for corporate events and private functions, as well as conferences. These include, among others:

Review of Jillian from the President of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce after she delivered an inspiring keynote address at a business forum in India
  • Team-building retreats

  • Sales kick-off meetings

  • Annual company meetings

  • Leadership development forums at corporate and communal level

  • Women in leadership workshops

  • Conferences and summits

  • Webinars and virtual events

  • Charity fundraisers

  • Trade shows

Jillian is a dynamic motivational speaker who goes the extra mile to understand your unique challenges. Through her captivating presentations, she will be instrumental in inspiring positive change, no matter the audience.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which parts of India do you provide public speaking services?

I’m not bound to any cities or regions in particular. While the bulk of my charitable endeavours are largely centred around Kolkata, I attend events and deliver speeches across the length and breadth of the country – Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, you name it.

Can we hire you for online presentations?

Yes. In addition to delivering talks live on site, I also double up as a virtual guest speaker. As well, I’m a panel moderator and can facilitate sessions for virtual conferences and meetups.

Do you provide motivational speaking for small groups?

I deliver presentations for both small groups and large gatherings. Whether it’s a private event, a small group of like-minded individuals in need of a motivational speaker or a leadership forum, there are many who could benefit from the resilience topics I speak about.

Can you offer public speaking coaching?

Yes. I provide public speaking coaching for individuals and teams. Whether you’re a fresh graduate entering the workforce, a professional looking to polish their communication skills or an executive or mid-level manager who wants to become a more effective communicator, I can help you overcome speaking anxiety and fine-tune your communication skills. I also train corporate teams and partner with schools to help take employees’ and learners’ communication to the next level. I run a speaking academy in India specifically for these groups, complete with annual speaking competitions for schools.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

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