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Achieve Amazing Results with Executive Resilience Coaching

Set yourself up for success with executive resilience coaching that imbues you with healthy stress

and change management skills.

Supercharge Your Professional Journey with a
High-Performance Executive Resilience Coach

Senior executive coaching participants can benefit from Jillian's extensive knowledge in resilience for top executives

Executive resilience coaching is a type of coaching service aimed at executives to endow them with the requisite skills to help them adapt and thrive in the chaos that come with the position.

The very basis of executive resilience coaching is to equip leaders with the skills to bounce back from challenges and crises, as well as adapt to change. However, resilience coaching for leaders – and professionals in general – extends to more than just imparting executives with the mental fortitude to weather tough times.

Resilience coaching is also about helping leaders and professionals develop problem-solving skills and train them on better decision-making. To help them find joy in their work in order to stay motivated and enhance performance. It is also about helping them understand how to use adversity as fuel to achieve goals, both personal and organisational.

By working with a resilience coach, leaders, teams and professionals are able to view challenges and change as opportunities, rather than stumbling blocks.

A certified executive resilience coach and professional trainer, Jillian Haslam provides senior executive coaching and corporate resilience training to organisational teams and professionals across the board to help them build resilience and set themselves up for greater success.

She has overseen hundreds of corporate resilience training sessions targeted at top executives and employees across different verticals, with her mentor services helping drive a transformation of habits and approaches in the process. This has seen her clients continue to witness profound results long after the coaching.

One-to-One & Group Coaching Sessions

A top-level executive resilience coach can be an asset

Coaching for resilience calls for a business coach consultant or mentor with the right background to mentor professionals.

Jillian’s first foray into the corporate world started on a challenging note, as the published author narrates in her career handbook, The Irrepressible Mind: Nine Steps to Overcome Adversity. But that did not deter her. Instead, she went on to enjoy a thriving 23-year career as an executive in some of the world’s biggest banks.

Her corporate experience aside, what else sets Jillian apart as a business coach is her unique life journey riddled with adversity which forced her to cultivate resilience from a young age in order to survive.

Today, she combines lessons from her personal and professional journeys to develop a tailored formula unique to each leader, team and organisation to steer them to greater heights.

Jillian offers both one-to-one executive coaching sessions and group coaching services.

One-to-one resilience coaching works best in the case of senior executive coaching, as well as for individual professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners.

These heart-to-heart sessions capture areas in which you want to grow, and are perfect for addressing challenges you may be experiencing. They are also good for finding remedies to mental roadblocks that could be weighing down on you or getting in the way of your success.

Jillian’s group executive coaching sessions are developed with teams in mind. They help in identifying the disconnect between teams and challenges team members face, with the aim of fostering deeper connections and relationships.

Jillian’s group coaching services impart team members with resilience skills to aid in problem-solving, handling pressure and maintaining a harmonious environment that works for the common good while allowing individual talents to shine.

Both individual and group coaching services can turbo-charge performance and yield results in a sustainable manner.

Other Ways You Can Benefit from Jillian’s Executive
Coaching Sessions

Jillian’s executive coaching sessions come with multiple benefits for leaders, professionals and teams.


Jillian offers leadership coaching London, across Europe and beyond

Foster self-reflection and self-awareness

Jillian’s resilience coaching approach encourages self-reflection and enhances self-awareness. The resilience coach aims to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your strengths and blind spots.

Her leadership coaching also helps in fostering clarity of thought and equips leaders with better decision-making skills.

Looking for a Business Coach Near Me?

Executives, professionals or entrepreneurs looking for a business coach near me within London and the

United Kingdom can enlist for in-person or online coaching sessions with Jillian.

That goes for anyone in need of a:


  • Business mentor London

  • Business coach London

  • Executive coach UK

  • Confidence coaching London

  • Leadership coaching London

  • Leadership coaching UK

  • Group coaching services in London and the UK

Clients can choose whether they prefer in-person sessions or online coaching.

Jillian’s virtual executive coaching services also work great for international clients who need a top resilience coach to work with.

See what a few had to say about her mentoring skills.

Looking for a business coach near me? Jillian offers online and physical leadership coaching London, Europe and beyond

Jillian’s Executive Resilience Coaching Testimonials

Simon Wragg, Trade Finance, RBS, UK

“Coaching and speaking—like true leadership—only works if one is left inspired. And Jillian is quite the inspiration. Throughout my professional dealings with her over a number of years, I have found her willingness to help other people and her calm wisdom and insight on both detail and the broader themes of life to be generous, constructive and highly valued.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is executive resilience training in the workplace?

Executive resilience training is a specialised form of coaching that focuses on helping top executives, managers and other leaders to cultivate mental resilience skills to help them navigate high-stress situations, setbacks and change. Provided by a professional resilience executive coach, resilience coaching allows leaders to unleash their full potential in a bid to improve their personal performance and that of the organisations they lead.

Why is resilience important in leadership?

In a world riddled with uncertainty and disruption, resilience coaching for leaders has become vital. Resilient leadership is better equipped to deal with difficult situations and steer the ship with more confidence, guiding teams to achieve goals that beat individual and corporate expectations. In addition to boosting performance and results, resilience training for leaders allows them to stay balanced, avoid burnout and bring value to the company in a sustainable and healthy fashion.

Does executive resilience training also include employees?

Absolutely. Executive resilience training is not limited to top leadership and managers only: it can also include employees at all rungs of the corporate ladder. Workplace resilience training helps imbue mind-sets for overcoming challenging situations both at a personal employee level and adversities related to the organisation or industry. Employee mental resilience is a powerful tool for improving perseverance and supercharging employee output sustainably, resulting in a mentally-healthier workforce and increased productivity.

Does your team need resilience training?

Yes, organisational resilience training is a service that has a direct bearing on a company’s performance and bottom line. A resilient workforce, led by resilient leadership, finds it easier to withstand the adversity of a complex business environment and adapt to change better. More than that, resilience training for employees is a program that illustrates a company’s commitment to the wellbeing of its employees. This leads to retention of top talent and builds a stable and healthy work environment that works to the benefit of the organisation. Happy teams breed more successful businesses.

How to build a resilient team?

Organisational resilience training is one of the most important initiatives a company can undertake in a bid to improve its ability to manage challenging situations and flourish amidst uncertain times. Building team resilience can have a far-reaching impact and could be the difference between surviving and thriving in a challenging business landscape. The most effective way to undertake resilience training for managers and employees is to enlist the services of a certified resilience executive coach. Resilience training largely involves making a mental and cultural shift for individuals and organisations respectively, and an experienced resilience career coach can help organisations achieve that. Coaching for resilience can be done through one-on-one coaching sessions or the executive coach hosting a resilience training workshop.

One-on-one coaching vs resilience workshop: Which is better?

Resilience coaching sessions can be carried out one-on-one or in a group setting through say, a resilience workshop. One-on-one executive coaching sessions tend to be more personalised to the individual’s unique needs and goals, making them ideal for resilience coaching for leaders, including senior executives, middle managers and team leaders. Resilience workshops, for their part, focus on groups, which means they are better suited for training employees, as well as organisational teams, departments and networks. Both one-on-one coaching and resilience training workshop approaches are effective, provided you are working with a top-rated resilience coach with a proven formula of success. The choice ultimately depends on your goals and preferences.

How to find a good executive resilience coach?

Like any other field, the resilience coaching industry is not short of trainers. As an organisation, however, you cannot afford to gamble on just about anybody. You want a top resilience coach with the credentials and experience to match. In that regard, fewer are better equipped to provide resilience training for managers and employees than Jillian Haslam. Jillian has worked with top brands and boasts years of experience as a resilience coach, with her bespoke corporate resilience programs helping transform teams and senior executives across Europe.

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