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Leading International Keynote
Speaker on Resilience


Looking for an international keynote speaker to grace your next event? You will love Jillian Haslam.

Jillian is an international motivational speaker from London, England whose specialty is in the field of adversity and resilience.

Every motivational speaker has a story. Jillian’s is one filled with episodes revolving around overcoming adversity. Born into deplorable conditions and spending pretty much of her challenging childhood in the slums of Calcutta, India, she would go on to beat the odds and achieve greatness.

But it wasn’t as swift a journey, neither did the success happen by accident; as the published author narrates in her book, A Voice Out of Poverty: The Power to Achieve Through Adversity, which has since been awarded the prestigious Kirkus Star.

Today, she is a celebrated International Keynote Speaker and Resilience Coach who teaches organisational teams and leaders the world over the formula to successfully deal with setbacks, and what it takes to rise above adversity in the midst of change and challenges.

And who better?

The Case for an International Motivational Speaker:
Business Resilience a Pressing Need


Business resilience is a theme that is growing in importance for organisations and institutions all over the world.

And rightly so.

At a time when disruption and challenges threaten both career and organisation survival, it is imperative for companies and institutions to take proactive measures in ensuring both the organisation and its employees are well-positioned to deal with these threats.

Team building activities and strategy retreats can only get you so far if you do not have a solid foundation on which to build upon: resilience.

Business resilience ensures your organisation and its people are equipped to survive and thrive in a world where business risks and disruption are at an all-time high. A resilience coach or speaker can come in handy in this regard. However, to guarantee successful results, companies need to work with the best of the best.

Jillian Haslam is a top-level international keynote speaker who is well-versed in helping companies and their people build resilience using her unique blend of strategies.

These strategies have worked so well for her personally and, as an international business speaker and coach, proved useful for many organisations and professionals globally.

The companies and groups she has worked with include, among others:

  • Multinational banks and financial institutions

  • International non-profit organisations

  • Government agencies

  • Corporate executives and leadership teams

  • Human resource professionals

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Women empowerment groups and intra-institutional
    women’s networks

  • Top universities

  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups

It is incredible how much personal psychology is applicable in the world of business. As an international keynote speaker with personal and professional experience in the field of resilience, you would be hard-pressed to find a better speaker for international events than Jillian Haslam.

Regions Jillian Covers


An experienced motivational speaker at international events, Jillian’s speeches and presentations are served to audiences far and wide.

Previously, the international speaker has covered events in:

  • Europe – from England to Scotland and Ireland, as
    well as France,

  • Germany, Denmark and more

  • India

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Australia

  • United States

Jillian's Past Corporate Events


Jillian is open to clients looking to book, among others :

  • Motivational speaker Europe or any other region

  • Business motivational speakers for conferences

  • Best corporate keynote speakers

  • Leadership speakers

  • A top speaker at international events

The international keynote speaker is right at home speaking at different events, including:


  • Corporate events

  • International summits

  • Conferences and seminars

  • Forums and conventions

  • Management conferences and executive meetings

  • Staff conferences

  • Management retreats and corporate strategy events

  • Start-up events

  • Launches

  • Trade shows


Jillian’s message is uniquely tailored to the occasion, in line with the theme of the event and the attendees. You can book the international speaker either for a virtual presentation or in-person speech.

What Jillian Brings as an International Keynote Speaker

As a certified international keynote speaker, Jillian has the personal experience and professional resume that makes her ideal for international hosts looking to book an A-list motivational speaker in the field of resilience.

And there’s plenty of good stuff you can expect from the international speaker:



A rich resume

Her personal climb-to-the-top journey aside, Jillian has held executive positions at several global banks in a career spanning 23 years.
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