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The Power to achieve through Adversity!

No matter where you start, or the obstacles in your way, you can achieve your destiny. “From London to Calcutta, Jillian has inspired audiences to take control of their lives and achieve their destiny, whatever their circumstances”

I went from excrutiating poverty in the slums of India to becoming an award-winning Humanitarian, one of the UK’s top motivational speakers, author, and educator. I have taken the brutal life lessons I learned on the streets of Calcutta and turned them into a series of powerful tools that you can use to take control of your past and reshape your future.


Read one of Jillian’s Extraordinary books “A Voice out Of Poverty” or The Irrepressible Mind”. Browse her other books full of business principles and life advice to help deal with any challenges or setbacks


Jillian has been featured on the TEDx stage and venues around the world. Invite her to your event and be confident that your audience will leave inspired and equipped to reach their goals.


For the first time ever, get On Demand access to Jillian’s library of courses like How to Find Your Voice, The irrepressible Mind and How to turn your Experiences into opportunity  – plus many more!


Learn how to unlock the hidden potential in your past and shape  your future. Book 1-on-1 personal coaching sessions, or transform your workplace culture with corporate team coaching.

I met Jillian at a workshop in Dubai on “How to turn your experiences into opportunity”. I signed-up for one-on-one coaching and I am now a Professional Trainer & Speaker. I have attended several events, workshops and seminars but only ever received general advice. Jillian made everything possible and easy to understand. I learnt how to start a business from scratch and have also regained my self-confidence and have now delivered my first presentation which was very successful.

Shazia Mansour El-Sheikh UAE

Don’t Let life get in the way,

Through her online courses and coaching programs, Jillian has created a step-by-step system to help others to overcome obstacles, find their voice, and achieve their greatest potential in work and life. Do you want to be a talker, or a doer?

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