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Jillian Haslam, Motivational Speaker on Resilience

Way before she became a motivational speaker on resilience and mastered it as a subject matter, Jillian’s connection with resilience began on a winding and remarkable journey that shaped the person she is today.

From spending 16 years of her early life in a Calcutta slum, to embarking on a thriving 23-year career in some of the world’s biggest banks, her story is one characterised by adversity. But it's also filled with undertones of grit and determination in equal measure: lessons that she espouses in her motivational talks and keynotes today to inspire individuals and organisations to overcome setbacks and thrive amidst challenges, change and disruption.

Resilience Motivational Speaker Trusted by Leading Brands, including:

Jillian Haslam Leading Clients

A Resilience Speaker that Gives You
The Power to Achieve through Adversity


Jillian is one of the most sought-after female motivational speakers in the UK and the world over in matters resilience, and it’s easy to see why.

As a resilience speaker, her ability to captivate audiences with her stirring imagery is sure to leave a lasting impression. For Jillian, however, it’s less about making an impression, and more about inspiring transformative attitudes and practices that deliver tangible, sustainable results for organisations and their people.


The motivational business speaker tailors her talks, keynotes and corporate resilience training sessions to the context of the event, and to suit different organisations, teams and groups.


As a resilience motivational speaker, Jillian’s message is as authentic as it is inspiring and relatable. Every organisation – no matter how successful – struggles with challenges of its own, never mind universal headwinds that range from disruption, to innovation fatigue and complacency, competition and uncertainty.

By working with a business speaker or resilience coach with the expertise and experience in helping businesses navigate change and difficult times, it becomes easier to not only come out of it unscathed, but also achieve peak success.

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Does Hiring Mental Resilience Speakers Make Business Sense?

Mental resilience speakers are no longer a luxury in the challenging modern business landscape. For any

organisation looking to find a speaker that offers actual value beyond the inspirational takeaways, they don’t come better packaged than Jillian Haslam.

In the face of glaring poverty and unimaginable adversity early on in life, Jillian never quit even when life gave her every reason to. Every setback she encountered, right through to her adulthood life, became a stepping-stone on her path to fulfilling her purpose.

Sections of the media have christened her the “The Real Slumdog Millionaire”, but the resilience speaker credits

it to a resilient mindset she calls The Irrepressible Mind, a mindset she details very well in a career handbook that goes by the same title.

Jillian’s unwavering self-belief fuelled a relentless pursuit of success that shattered the constraints imposed by her environment. The UK motivational speaker emerged as a force to be reckoned with – a true embodiment of resilience and determination.

Life has taught Jillian how to persevere, be resilient and overcome adversity to find success. Her journey has been terrible, traumatic, and sometimes terrifying. But it is the lessons picked up from the tough times that this most impactful of female motivational speakers UK has distilled to demonstrate to her audience the mental switch

she had to make to overcome adversity and beat all odds.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Overcoming Adversity (As a Catalyst for Greatness)

The Irrepressible Mind

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Jillian Haslam

A Voice Out of Poverty

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Jillian Haslam
A Voice Out of Poverty Paperback

From Humble Beginnings, to One of the
Top Business Speakers on Resilience

Jillian’s story is the quintessential depiction of a rags-to-riches tale; of a girl who had to overcome

all odds to make something of herself.

As one of the leading business speakers in the field of resilience today, it is the lessons she picked from firsthand experiences – perfectly encapsulated in her Kirkus Star-awarded book, A Voice Out of Poverty – that she imparts on organisational teams and top leadership to help them achieve their goals and purpose.


A highly sought-after international resilience motivational speaker based in the UK, Jillian taps into her life story and career experiences to instill the same spirit in managers and employees, to great effect. Jillian operates on the mantra that no matter how insurmountable the challenges in front of us seem to be, we can win the fight if we choose to view adversity not as an obstacle, but rather as a catalyst to greatness.


For organisations, cultivating resilience in its people is neither easy, nor is it a skill that happens by chance. You need a high-impact catalyst to sow those seeds. That’s where Jillian comes in.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Tara Clarke, Bank of England, UK

“Jillian was invited by the Women in Banking network (from the Bank of England) to deliver a motivational talk. She used her own personal story to demonstrate how our strengths & perceived weaknesses can lead to success. Jillian’s talk was engaging, captivating and feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

Jillian's Services


Corporate events planning with a personal touch

Jillian doubles up as a corporate event coordinator who has served as Head of Events at RBS and President of Employee Network at BoFA. Now, she applies her wealth of experience to help corporates that need help with event planning, team building ideas and annual corporate party organising without the need to hire a full-fledged event management company. Jillian is also an expert in planning and setting up virtual and in-person conferences, summits, webinars and seminars for groups and businesses.


Mentoring key achievers to overcome challenges & adversity

Jillian - a qualified coach and mentor - supports high performers in their journey through personalised guidance, wisdom, to navigate difficult situations, develop rounded perspectives and unlock potential.

motivational-speaker-UK-keynote speaking

Keynotes that give you the power to overcome adversity

Jillian has distilled her lived experience, overcoming adversity to create a 9-step strategic model to inspire your teams, cultivate a resilient corporate culture, and fuel sustainable growth.


Jillian giving a motivational speech on resilience to groups gathered at separate tables

Communication coaching to transform your teams and drive organisational growth

Jillian offers communication & presentation skills coaching to help organisations and individuals achieve sustainable results by mastering the art of effective communication. The resilience speaker and adversity coach works with business leaders and organisational teams to help them perfect one of the most vital

and in-demand soft skills today: public speaking skills. Learn to deliver engaging presentations, perfect body language skills, people skills training to supercharge group efforts, conflict resolution, top leadership

skills and more.

Filtering through The Top Motivational Speakers UK:
What You Will Get from Jillian

In today's relentless and high-pressure business landscape, the demands placed on teams and organisations are immense. To thrive and achieve exceptional results, they need a powerful combination of resilience, determination and the ability to rise above adversity. A motivational speaker on resilience can be the protagonist to stoke that flame.


Jillian's keynote speaking, corporate resilience training workshops, and bespoke events are specially put

together to address these crucial needs.


As a leading authority on mental resilience and adversity, Jillian has carved a reputation as one of the go-to female motivational speakers UK and well beyond the shores of Europe. Her cogent subject matter has proved both effective and practical in helping teams and managers navigate the labyrinth of challenges they face today.


Jillian is also regularly invited to work with organisations looking to inspire women networks within their rank and file, as well as entities who need local speakers for small groups or large teams within or outside the UK.


The motivational speaker on resilience is lauded for her uncanny ability to help individuals tap into their hidden potential. Using her remarkable journey as a template, Jillian – who doubles up as a resilience coach – empowers audiences to learn from her formula and embrace her 9-step model for mastering resilience and overcoming adversity.


If you are looking for motivational speakers in London or sourcing an international speaker from the UK scene – a resilience speaker with a track record of helping managers and teams flourish – you couldn’t be in better hands.

Jillian is an international motivational speaker and resilience coach based in London, England. She works with clients across different sectors all over the world, either virtually or in-person.

Connect with Jillian

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