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Mental Health Speaker to Help Organisations, Communities & Schools Break Mental Health Stigma & Adopt Healthy Coping Skills


Mental health speakers are increasingly becoming an essential cog as far as shifting societal attitudes towards mental health is concerned.

For far too long, this is a topic that has been widely considered taboo by society, with individuals who admit to experiencing mental health issues unfairly considered weak, dangerous or even crazy in some cultures.

This discrimination has seen many people who suffer from mental health problems opt to keep it under wraps, lest they expose themselves to the vulnerability and negative connotations that come with the admission.

Thankfully, while mental health still remains a sensitive topic and not one openly discussed in some quarters or among certain segments of society, perception is gradually changing as the world gains more awareness on the subject.

Mental health and wellbeing speakers can play a crucial role in normalising the issue given its prevalence in the modern workplace, in schools and community in general. That’s where Jillian, a mental health speaker and resilience expert, comes in.

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Why Jillian is considered one of the top mental health speakers

Jillian Haslam is a mental health and wellness speaker, as well as an adversity and resilience expert who doubles up as a life coach.

But she is not any ordinary mental health speaker.

Jillian has been through challenges of her own. While everyone experiences difficult moments, she was dealt a bad hand early in life. Born to British parents  in India who were among the group of Anglo-Indians left behind post-WWII, prospects for the Haslam family were not looking too bright.

When growing up, Jillian spent most of her formative years in a slum dwelling where the appalling conditions were beyond anything imaginable.

Life was uncertain, with no guarantee of a meal or a roof over their heads – conditions that forced the family to take extraordinary measures to survive.

Like seeking refuge under a flight of stairs, for example, because they could not afford a decent place. Or finding shelter at her mum’s friend’s small quarters, a move that was not without its challenges. Like the cruelty meted out on a young Jillian who, every night, would be locked by the old lady for hours on end in a cramped, dark toilet where a colony of huge, flying cockroaches resided.

The untenable conditions only aggravated her ailing dad’s heart condition before he eventually gave in. Her kind and affable mother would also later succumb to illness when her body could no longer take the punishment. In between, the family lost four children to malnutrition.

For Jillian and her surviving siblings, life was a constant fight for survival.

But she would eventually go on to overcome her challenges and rise to the top of the corporate world, before relocating to the UK where she bought her own home and works as a motivational speaker and resilience coach.

A published author today, Jillian’s captivating story is captured in her memoir,
A Voice Out of Poverty, which is currently subject to adaptation into a Hollywood film. The book has earned rave reviews, including the prestigious Kirkus Star review.

It has also received glowing endorsements from the Duchess of York Dame Sarah Ferguson, as well as coverage by mainstream media like Channel 5 News UK, The Times, BBC and others.

Despite the hardship and trauma she has endured most of her life, it is these experiences that shaped the person Jillian is today.

The 6-time TEDx speaker now spreads the message of hope and resilience, helping organisations, schools and other groups to address the issue of mental health.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Mental health speaker for workplace


It is true that companies are increasingly taking the initiative to ensure the general wellbeing of their employees.

From organising team building events, to adopting flexible work models and time-away-from-work programmes, there are plenty of measures organisations can put into place to reduce burnout, work-related stress and employee turnover.

Bringing in a mental health speaker is another great way to invest in staff wellbeing. Creating a mentally-healthy workplace setting has become a necessity for the modern business, not a luxury.

Companies that invest in mental health speakers for workplace stand to enjoy many benefits. These include:


  • Enhanced brand: The modern employee wants to work for a company that shows genuine care and concern for the wellbeing of its workforce. Businesses that have mental health and wellness initiatives attract (and retain) the best talent.

  • Higher employee engagement: Happier employees are more productive by far and tend to have a higher morale.

  • Intrinsic motivation: Likewise, employees that feel valued and cared for find their work more rewarding and enjoy higher job satisfaction. They are motivated to achieve individual and team goals and the company benefits from the improved performance all-round.

  • Healthy work environment: A supportive environment that values mental health will have a positive work culture, resulting in higher employee productivity.

  • Lower absenteeism: With lower stress and burnout, employers will have reduced employee absence to deal with.

Jillian Haslam is primarily a corporate mental health speaker whose mission is to support organisations to improve mental health in the workplace. A healthy mental health culture prioritises the emotional wellness of the workforce and makes employees feel valued.

Investing in employee wellness is a serious power move that puts companies in an enviable position, able to sustainably reap the benefits of a motivated people that are self-driven to slog towards achieving the company’s mission.

Planning to book a mental health speaker or corporate trainer to bring out the best in your staff?

Jillian’s in-person and virtual mental health presentations provide a perfect solution for companies looking for mental health keynote speakers UK and worldwide.

Mental health workshops


Bringing in mental health speakers regularly is a great way for companies to show employees (leaders included) that they are valued and that their mental wellbeing is something the company considers a priority.

Sometimes, however, corporate mental health workshops may be a more effective approach to create a resilient work environment.

Implementing mental health training programmes in the workplace allows organisations to normalise the subject of mental health.

Destigmatisation aside, corporate mental health workshops equip all internal stakeholders with the skills and knowledge to drive change from a behavioural and attitudinal aspect. In turn, everyone from employees to the executives and managers at all levels gets to understand how to manage the issue within their roles.

As a resilience coach, Jillian helps companies develop and implement mental health programmes that open the discussion around and promote workplace mental health. This can be through webinars or in-person corporate mental health workshops.

She would be happy to discuss your ideas on promoting mental health in your company. Through her corporate mental health workshops, she will set up a tailored programme for your business that will enhance everyone’s working life and productivity while empowering the company to manage the issue of mental health effectively.

The result? Improved business performance and employee engagement, a recipe that allows the business to flourish.


PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Mental health speaker for schools & college students



Mental health is not just an adult problem. It is an issue that has permeated across the youth as well, and is in fact more prevalent among young people today than ever before.

Students from high school to university are undergoing mental health problems of their own, whether it’s to do with:


  • Academic pressure

  • Anxiety

  • Peer challenges

  • Relationship issues

  • Racial discrimination or

  • Other stressful life events

Social media and a more closed-up world are not helping matters either.

By hiring mental health speakers for schools and college students, educational institutions can empower their students to navigate the challenges of today’s world better.

For many years, Jillian has worked with schools in various capacities to prepare students for the outside world. This has been through partnering with institutions in different countries to promote public speaking skills and nurture other soft skills among students – youth empowerment initiatives that she replicates with young people at the community level too.


PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

What Jillian offers for learning institutions


Jillian collaborates with learning institutions looking to book a mental health speaker for schools to help students build self-esteem and manage anxiety and stress.

She delivers age-appropriate presentations tailored for high school students and their college counterparts to address the specific challenges these young people are battling with.

As a mentor, she also organises workshops that encourage self-discovery and participation while also tackling issues the youth are facing.

With parents occupied and teachers busy with the syllabus, teens and young people may struggle with issues bothering them without anyone to confide in. That’s where Jillian can be most useful.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

What topics do you cover as a mental health & wellness speaker?



As a mental health speaker, Jillian addresses a range of topics. These include:

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Managing anxiety

  • Adapting to change

  • Stress management

  • Resilience

  • Burnout and work-life balance

  • Social media boundaries

  • Overcoming depression

Jillian’s motivational talks and keynote mental health presentations can be tailored to a specific team or group, conference audience or company.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

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