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What Schools & Universities are saying about Jillian.

“It was such a privilege to hear Jillian’s remarkable story. She is a woman gifted with many qualities, but what shines through above all is her authenticity. She does not sentimentalise or sensationalise the events of her life; she does need to do so. Instead she speaks the truth with a simple clarity and honesty that captivates and touches. She has witnessed and experienced many extreme things, but she distils all of her various life experiences into some simple urgent truths; as such, she is a living embodiment of the power and resilience of the human spirit. For young people today, who may well have anxieties about their future and who are besieged by consumerist messages from the media, it is hard to imagine a better voice to offer welcome reassurance and an enlightened perspective. Students were inspired to ‘do something’ following her talk and quickly organised a magnificent concert that raised over £1000.”

Nick Russell, Head Teacher, Epsom College, UK

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