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A survivor who learnt to control my life and
outcomes, and now I help others do the same.


Born In 1970

My story began in the slums of India. Born in 1970 to parents of British ancestry who stayed in India after its independence, I relied on the charitable kindness of others and the life lessons I learned on the streets to survive disease, malnutrition, continual abuse, and the deaths of all my siblings at a young age.

My First Big Job

Against all odds, I secured my first big job as an Executive Assistant to the CEO at the Bank of America in India. My passion to help others from similar situations as my own led me to the charitable department within the Bank of America. Where over time, I took on the responsibility of the President of Bank Of America’s diversity and charity networks.

Working at my desk at Bank of America in India for the CEO.jpeg

My New Books


A Voice Out of Poverty

A Voice Out of Poverty is a raw and inspiring memoir that shows how hope can be found in the darkest situations, and how "success" is not just the act of making it through. Rather, it is the act of reaching back to bring others with you. 


As a young girl, Jillian Haslam saved a life. Herself tiny and aching from malnutrition, she stood for hours at a tea shop, begging for a ladle of milk to carry and prevent her new-born sister from dying of starvation. This tenacious act was the first glimmer of a lifelong drive to empower others to rise from adversity.


Now a renowned humanitarian and motivational speaker, Jillian Haslam shares her astonishing story to light the way for people to realise that their destiny is greater than their circumstances. 


How To Find Your Voice

There is a message within you that only you can share. There is a story that only you are qualified to tell. There is a business that only you have the experience to pioneer. There is something engraved on your soul that is specifically yours to express. Finding these things is what it means to find your voice and to truly be heard.


Despite the odds, I have worked hard to overcome adversity and build a meaningful life. I’m grateful that my work of reaching out to bring others with me has been recognised by many institutions, and in 2017 I was honoured to receive "The Mother Teresa Memorial International Award."


But I am just an ordinary person.

I have spent my life learning how to overcome obstacles and reach my greatest potential.

Today, I teach my methods to international leaders, corporate teams, impoverished school children, and people just like you.

Because we are all alike.

We all have past experiences and obstacles to overcome.

We all have a purpose to fulfill

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