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Jillian, a motivational speaker Europe, speaking at a European women's conference in Ireland

Motivational Speaker in Europe Empowering Organizations and Teams to Overcome Adversity & Challenges of Any Kind

Jillian Haslam is a highly sought-after motivational speaker in Europe. Based in London, England, she is an expert on the subject of adversity and resilience. She boasts 14 years of experience as a professional speaker, and her captivating, insightful presentations have made her a huge attraction in Europe and globally.

In her capacity an international speaker and corporate coach, she has delivered hundreds of motivational talks in dozens of countries for companies and organizations such as:

  • Novo Nordisk

  • PwC

  • Santander

  • McDonalds

  • World Affairs Council

Companies looking for an impactful motivational speaker in Europe stand to gain a lot from Jillian. That is not only largely due to her passionate presentations designed to inspire action, but also because of her knack for delivering real-life insights that are proven to work.

When you hire Jillian as a speaker, she makes sure to understand the needs of your audience first and foremost. She then ties these to the goals you wish to achieve by bringing in a motivational speaker.

This way, she ensures she offers an authentic experience for the audience in that moment, while at the same time providing actual value to the attendees that lasts beyond the presentation or workshop.

Justifying the usefulness of motivational speakers can be tricky sometimes. But when you’re working with the best, it doesn’t need to be.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Raised under a flight of stairs: Who is Jillian?

The value that she brings as a motivational speaker aside, you might ask, why Jillian?

Well, like everyone else, she’s had her share of challenges and difficult moments. Unlike most people, though,
Jillian’s story has been a unique one.

Born to British parents, she grew up in a slum in India where basic human needs were a luxury and decency was a difficult thing to come by. So abject were the conditions that for a time, she used to live under a flight of stairs where she called home.

Poverty and lack of proper food saw her lose four of her siblings during her childhood. For those that survived, daily

life was characterized by struggle and danger from people who considered them outcasts due to their different skin complexion.

From a young age, Jillian was determined to get herself and her family out of the yoke of poverty and suffering. The determination was always there. Fast-forward several years and many heart-wrenching twists and turns later, and she eventually lived to achieve her goal.

As the now published author describes in her captivating memoir,
A Voice Out of Poverty, she went on to work as a banker for big banks like RBS and Bank of America where she enjoyed a high-flying 23-year career. Despite her efforts winning her awards and promotions to the executive level, she was keen to help as many people break their limitations and transform their lives.

That is how she ended up as a
resilience motivational speaker and corporate trainer.

Today, Jillian is the embodiment of resilience, and it is this message that she travels the world spreading.

A catalyst for change, her passion is to inspire people to conquer adversity and achieve their full potential. She specializes in motivating and uplifting organizational teams and individuals at a personal, professional and communal level to take ownership and unleash the power of positive change.

Top keynote speaker in Europe

The business landscape has been evolving rapidly post COVID-19. Today, every industry is dealing with challenges and uncertainties left, right and center, both internally and from external factors.

It is crucial for organizations to keep pace with this new, dynamic world, and one of the ways to achieve that is by equipping your people with resilience skills necessary to navigate uncertainty, disruption and other organizational headwinds.

As a resilience coach and keynote speaker in Europe, Jillian has the expertise and experience to guide companies and their people through these new frontiers.

She combines her extensive corporate experience with insightful stories from her personal experiences to inspire and motivate individuals, corporate teams and other groups. Glimpses of this can be found in her enlightening book, The Irrepressible Mind, a career guidebook to help professionals and individuals at large to navigate personal and professional challenges in their bid to live out their purpose.

If you want to challenge the status quo and inspire your people to reach new heights in a sustainable fashion, Jillian will help instill a growth mindset and equip them with the tools they need to navigate challenges and thrive in this new world.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Motivational speaker for conferences and events in Europe

As an international speaker, Jillian has delivered presentations for conferences and workshops across Europe.

The resilience motivational speaker is also a six-time TEDx speaker who has given presentations at various locations in Europe.

Examples of events Jillian has been invited in include:

  • Appearing as a keynote speaker at the Women in Leadership Global Summit in Paris, France

  • Invited as a motivational speaker at the Women’s Business Summit in Berlin, Germany

  • Giving a presentation at the International PA’s Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

  • Presenting a TEDx talk in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Participating as a TEDx speaker in Stormont, Northern Ireland

Jillian is also a virtual events speaker and regularly participates in online seminars and webinars in Europe and beyond, including virtual events in Australia, North America and the UAE, often appearing as a guest speaker, panelist or moderator.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

List of events you can hire Jillian for

Jillian, a motivational speaker in Europe, demonstrates beside a lady as she speaks at a corporate event
Jillian hurdled at a table as she interacts with a corporate team divided into groups seated at separate tables

As a motivational speaker in Europe, she is available to speak at a range of events, including:

  • Corporate workshops

  • Quarterly and annual conventions

  • Day-long summits

  • Week-long & weekend summits

  • Regional and international conferences

  • Women’s events

  • Staff conferences

  • Leadership forums

  • Startup events

  • Creative hubs

  • Trade shows

  • Product launches

  • Webinars and teleseminars

  • Small business seminars

As an international motivational speaker, the list of topics Jillian can speak about is vast. Regardless of the theme or makeup of your event delegates or corporate participants, you can be sure she will tailor the message to the audience.

Reach out to Jillian directly or through her offices to book her as your speaker.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What countries in Europe do you provide motivational speaking services in?

As a leading European speaker based in England, I am available to speak in-person or virtually throughout Europe. As a guest speaker and corporate coach, I present to companies and conferences across Europe. These include motivational talks and keynote addresses in cities across the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and other Nordic countries, as well as Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain and more.

What business topics do you speak about?

As a business motivational speaker, I deliver talks on a wide variety of topics. These include topics touching on disruption, organizational challenges, change management, resilience, team dynamics, workplace culture and embracing the future. I also talk about leadership, mental health and personal wellbeing, leveraging professional networks, thriving on overload and a myriad other issues affecting businesses and society as a whole. Considering I speak and coach in different industries and sectors, it is paramount that I tailor my presentations to the individual organization or audience. This is why I go the extra mile to understand your pain points so that I can put together a talk or keynote address that addresses your unique challenges.

Besides corporate clientele, who else are your speeches targeted at?

I work closely with different groups that would require the services of a motivational speaker or life coach. These include small businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, government agencies, women’s groups, youth initiatives etc.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7741098723

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