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Every person, company and organization will encounter some form of adversity in the pursuit of their goals. How you deal with it is the key to not only overcoming challenges but also how to grow and develop through them.


Jillian Haslam’s “start” in life was in one of the poorest slums of India, often being shifted from home to home as her family struggled to cope with poverty, malnutrition, and the uncertainty of what the next day would bring. She told her story in the award-winning book, A Voice Out of Poverty. However, her parents gave her one invaluable lesson — to achieve something better, you had to have an education, work extremely hard, and have a positive belief in your goals and their achievability.


Jillian did just that and clocked up a 23 year career in banking, became a successful businesswoman, an award winning author, and a motivational speaker.


The Irrepressible Mindis a handbook for life. It will help you develop a strategy for overcoming whatever adversity may stand in the way of achieving your purpose in life. Your self-discovery journey will include nine steps in this invaluable guidebook. Step One is simple but has so much to say — Accept Your Start but Not Your End.


Jillian illuminates each ofthe nine steps by sharing her experiences and those of well-known successful individuals, including Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling, Michael Jordan, and others. It may surprise you to see that their experiences are not unlike yours as you go through the nine steps to achieving your ultimate goals and purpose in life.

The Irrepressible Mind (Ebook)

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