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Leading Resilience Keynote Speaker
– Jillian Haslam

Jillian Haslam is a resilience keynote speaker who has carved a reputation in the business world as one of the most impactful female inspirational speakers today.

Jillian leans on her fascinating life story which saw her overcome the most mentally-debilitating circumstances to demonstrate to her audience that it is indeed possible to bounce back even from the toughest of challenges.

At a time when organisations are grappling with a rapidly shifting business landscape plagued with challenges left, right and centre, Jillian’s keynotes couldn’t have been timelier. As a resilience keynote speaker and business coach, she demonstrates to organisational teams and leaders worldwide how resilience can be a powerful tool as they
bid to overcome challenges and embrace change.

​Jillian is an ideal choice for companies in need of corporate speakers to inspire their people and provide valuable insights on how to navigate difficult times.

Jillian’s Keynote Speaking: A Changing World
Calls for a Change in Mindset

Truth is, the world is changing, and with it, the business landscape. To survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, it is essential for every organisation and its people to build resilience in order to be able to deal with challenges and adapt to change.

The global health pandemic not only unmasked the deficiency of resilience skills in many organisations, but also emphasised the need for companies to instil a resilient culture as a matter of urgency.

Resilience keynotes are a great way for companies to cultivate a resilient culture and the skills that go with it. The best way to achieve it is to find a speaker or


resilience coach who has a way of connecting with audiences while at the same time providing actionable solutions.

Jillian’s life story is both heart-wrenching and inspiring, and the resilience with which she went about overcoming adversity has lessons worth aping.

As a resilience keynote speaker and mentor who provides resilience coaching services to businesses and institutions around the world, she unveils resilience strategies in her keynotes that organisations and their people can use as a blueprint to manage adversity and change, as well as adopt a winning mindset.

This is what makes her one of the most effective resilience keynote speakers around.

Looking to Find a Speaker on Resilience?

As one of the most notable female keynote speakers UK and globally in the field of resilience, Jillian is perfect for organisations and institutions that need to :

  • Effectively manage change

  • Navigate challenges, bounce back from tough times, and thrive in the midst of adversity

  • Support and inspire their people in line with individual purpose, team goals and the organisation’s vision

  • Foster a healthy workplace culture and build strong teams anchored on empathy

  • Empower leadership to lead more effectively

  • Instil a co-elevation mindset within the organisation

  • Ignite the potential within individuals to bring out the best in them

  • Master resilience and adopt The Irrepressible Mind


Jillian has a number of resilience keynote speeches, each of
which is tailored to the audience or event of the day.
Some of her most popular keynotes include :


Resilience Keynote Speech #1: Using Adversity as a Catalyst for Greatness

The corporate world is often a battlefield strewn with adversities. Targeting managers and team leaders eager to foster a resilient culture, Jillian explores the transformative power of adversity.

On this dynamic journey, she delves into real-life narratives and practical strategies that demonstrate how adversity, instead of being a setback, fuels the drive towards monumental achievements.

Teams will learn to see hurdles as hidden opportunities, using them to fuel personal and professional growth and will witness a profound shift in your team's mindset, enabling them to capitalise on adversities and unlock their full potential for corporate excellence.

Leading Keynote Speaker UK and Globally

Companies and institutions looking for keynote speakers UK for their event will be in good company with Jillian. Keynote speeches present a wonderful opportunity to open yourself to fresh concepts and ideas. If you’re going to bring in a resilience keynote speaker, then they need to have the ability to get through to and inspire different crowds.

Considered one of the best motivational speakers London and the UK in general in the resilience segment, Jillian custom-tailors her keynotes to suit your audience, event and goals.

While based in London, Jillian is an international keynote speaker who serves organisations and institutions the world over. She has appeared as a speaker for corporate events in, among others:

  • Scotland

  • Ireland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Denmark

  • The Czech Republic

  • India

  • Dubai

  • Australia

  • The United States


The international keynote speaker presents the bulk of her speeches in person.

However, she is also available for hire virtually for companies and institutions looking for a notable conference speaker or leading guest speakers for their event.

Guest Speaker for Virtual Events Worldwide


In addition to appearing as a conference speaker in person, Jillian is available for hire as a guest speaker for virtual events worldwide.

With countless global conference sessions chaired under her belt, Jillian can attend your event either as a virtual conference speaker or conference session chair.

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