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A Resilience Speaker/Coach Has Become Pivotal in the Modern Business Strategy

In a world riddled with uncertainty and change blowing from every direction, organisational resilience

has become a priority for the modern company.

Every organisation is susceptible to shocks that emanate from business challenges and winds of change that can have a negative bearing. It is incumbent upon business leaders and policy makers to find effective ways to curtail their seismic impact. Or better yet, turn the tide in the organisation’s favour.

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Organisational Resilience is More than
just Bouncing Back


Business resilience planning is one of the best measures companies can undertake to prepare themselves and their employees for challenges, whether it’s everyday workplace challenges or bigger risks such as economic downturns, addressing skills gaps or dealing with disruptive technologies and practices like artificial intelligence and remote work.

Building organisational resilience makes it easier for companies and their people to bounce back from setbacks. More importantly, having a resilient culture ensures businesses are better equipped to bounce forward from difficult times or disruptive change.

A mindset shift is at the heart of every organisational resilience, and in a fast-evolving business landscape, one of the best ways to drill it into your company fabric is by bringing in an experienced resilience speaker or resilience coach.

Team Building & Wellness Initiatives only a Stop-Gap

Industry challenges and disruptions aside, employees the world over are facing challenges of their own.

Burn-out is a thing, and establishing a work-life balance continues to be a conundrum. Interpersonal problems among employees and poor organisational culture continue to thrive, and job insecurity is a hanging cloud. The spectre of change and disruption from artificial intelligence and other technologies are a real worry for many.

It is little surprise that mental health issues related to work are higher than ever before.

But how does a resilience speaker tie in with this?

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Many companies are doing their bit to ensure the wellbeing of their employees. However, data shows that many wellness initiatives are not as effective as once thought, only serving as stop-gap measures.

The best solution is to understand the challenges your people are grappling with, and develop effective solutions that address the problem from the root cause. Motivational business speakers have evolved from mere inspirational speakers who stir up a crowd with moving stories, to subject matter experts and professional business mentors who can have far-reaching impact on your workforce, more so as touches on employee morale and productivity.

If you are looking to find a speaker that can deliver the goods, you either want an expert’s expert or a resilience speaker with great case studies to share. Jillian Haslam brings both, which is why she is widely regarded one of the most impactful female motivational speakers UK today.

Jillian’s Short TED Talk on Resilience

Why Hire Jillian Haslam as Your Resilience Speaker?


Mental resilience speakers can be a great source of inspiration and can help managers and employees shift their mindset to achieve individual, team and organisational goals.

Business speakers who specialise on resilience are a dime a dozen, but finding a resilience speaker who can instigate transformative change needs to be a calculated effort. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about ticking the box.

When hiring a motivational speaker on resilience, what you need is an expert to guide you on how to navigate challenges

and bounce back from setbacks. Someone who has been there and has what it takes to share practical insights that can provide actual value to your organisation and its teams. That’s where Jillian comes in.

An expert on resilience, Jillian has emerged as one of the top female motivational speakers UK and the globe, delivering resilience speeches and training to major institutions like the World Affairs Council, Bank of England, PwC, Novo Nordisk and plenty more around the world.

Jillian’s Resilience Speaking Services Include:

Jillian is a business speaker who provides keynote speaking services for a diverse audience base, either
in-person or virtually. As an international keynote speaker who specialises on resilience, Jillian’s keynotes largely centre around overcoming adversity. Her presentations are tailored to the context of the event and its attendees.

Jillian’s Unique Motivational Speaker Strategies


Jillian Haslam is one of the truly inspiring motivational speakers UK or any place else for that matter. Growing up under circumstances in which she needed to be mentally strong every single day, she offers a blend of inspiring words and proven strategies for overcoming adversity that resonate with individuals across the board, irrespective of geography or station in life.

As a resilience speaker, her talks draw from her personal life and career experiences as captured in her enthralling book, A Voice Out of Poverty: The Power to Achieve through Adversity, a book that was awarded the highly-coveted Kirkus Star.

Using that as her platform, the motivational speaker from London combines it with solid research that is tailored to the context of her audience, to develop personalised and practical solutions that participants can act on and benefit from long after the final curtain.

Her talks and workshops are peppered with moving stories and inspirational wisdom, but what makes Jillian one of the most effective business speakers is her ability to package her teachings in a way that different audiences find easy to transform into tangible results – top leadership, middle management, sales and marketing teams, and a host of other groups.

Tara Clarke, Bank of England, UK

“Jillian was invited by the Women in Banking network (from the Bank of England) to deliver a motivational talk. She used her own personal story to demonstrate how our strengths & perceived weaknesses can lead to success. Jillian’s talk was engaging, captivating and feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

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