Born in 1970

My story began in the slums of India. Born in 1970 to parents of British ancestry who stayed in India after its independence, I relied on the charitable kindness of others and the life lessons I learned on the streets to survive disease, malnutrition, continual abuse, and the deaths of all my siblings at a young age.

My First Big Job

Against all odds, I secured my first big job at a personal assistant to the CEO at the Bank of America in India. My passion to help others from similar situations as my own led me to the charitable department within the Bank of America.

My New Books

I set out to remedy the root causes of poverty.

My autobiographical memoirs

(1) Indian.English. & (2) A Voice Out of Poverty) tells my story of growing up in abject poverty. I went on to launch six nonprofit organizations across India & the UK providing school programs, training programs and visiting schools to help empower students from all walks of life.


Received the Mother Teresa International Memorial Award for my humanitarian efforts. I have earned recognition from many other different institutions along the way, for which I am eternally grateful. (Mother House, Sisters of Charity, Calcutta – 2017)


But I am just an ordinary person.

I have spent my life learning how to overcome obstacles and reach my greatest potential.
Today, I teach my methods to international leaders, corporate teams, impoverished school children, and people just like you.

Because we are all alike.
We all have past experiences and obstacles to overcome.
We all have a purpose to fulfill

What’s yours?

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