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4 secrets to overcoming any challenge

In the pursuit of our dreams and our search for greatness, we tend to wear ourselves down mentally, physically, and emotionally without taking proper care of ourselves and taking some time out of our busy schedules to relax. Sometimes we know we need to take a break, but we don’t know how to.

Here are four secrets to know about how best to relax before taking on the challenges thrown at you in the course of your journey to greatness. These are ideas that you are already familiar with, but that affectsyou in ways you are only partially aware of.

The first thing to try to do when you feel stressed out and worn down to your wit’s end is to maintain a positive attitude intentionally. Think of your grand plan and trace out the journey so far. How far have you come? How much better at what you’re doing have you gotten? What is yet to be done, and how can you achieve it?

If it is a downward turn of fortune that has taken its toll on you, try to remind yourself that the best human is still human at best and that there are things beyond your control. The items you have control over you have done the very best way youcould have done them; the rest is left to God to decide. Take time out to spend quietly in a peaceful headspace away from all distractions to communicate with God.

Engaging in recreational activities like sports, exercise, or even watching a good old movie with friends or family. This can be a very efficient way of regaining mental stamina. Also, make sure to have conversations about things other than the concept that is wearing you down to take your mind off the stress you’re going through.

The fourth and final secret to a well rehabilitated and vibrantly renewed outlook on tackling the challenges thrown at you as you progress lies within your diet. The old saying “you are what you eat” is not just a coinage aimed at making us eat better; it is scientifically proven that our diet can significantly affect our moods, energy levels, and even our motivation.

Remember, eat healthily, have a conversation, watch a movie and unwind, take time out to focus on God, and keep a positive attitude. No matter how well constructed your plans are, they can amount to nothing if you are not well enough to carry them out properly.

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