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Learn This Secret And Watch Your Success Grow In Months

Updated: Mar 23

A man atop a hill overlooking a city with hands raised in victory against a sunset backdrop

Have you ever looked at someone in their element making perfect play after perfect play, turning everything they touch to gold and say to yourself “I can do this… I can do what they’re doing”? Read on and let me explain to you what you have been getting wrong. There’s this little phenomenon I like to call ‘Natures problem presentation plan’ and simply put; it is the idea that nature or the universe is fully aware of who you are and what you are capable of, that is, your skill set and your strengths and weaknesses too. Nature then uses this information to present you with problems compatible with your mental, physical and emotional capacities. These problems are custom-made for you and, as such, have their solutions embedded somewhere deep within you, most often just outside your comfort zone. This means that our individualities, the differences between you and the next person, are what really create universal balance. Your strengths cover up for the weaknesses of your environment, and the positives of the world around mitigate your negatives (much as many of them can be overcome).

This is the Ying and Yang effect. You go to school to study law and become a lawyer. But you were never cut out for heavy physical work, so a construction company sends professionals that are cut out for that kind of work to build your houses and your schools. You, in turn, satisfy their legal needs, whether directly or indirectly, and life balances itself out. It is so un-ideal to compare yourself to anyone or try to fit into anyone’s shoes; you will simply stumble, fall down, and begin to question your own purpose. You are unique, and training a laser focus on what makes you different from everyone else and working out how you can either commercialise or capitalise on it to whatever end is what finding destiny is about. If you are an athlete, you may never be Usain Bolt. If you are a singer, you may never be Dolly Parton; you will stumble and fall. You can never be someone else, no matter how similar your walks of life seem. You can only learn from them and take the lessons out of their lives. Learn from their stories, their mistakes and their success.

Secret to success

Focus on your own inner beauty and showing it forth to the world. Do what it takes to leave a mark on the world so that long after you are gone, you will be remembered for the things you did that others never thought to. This is how you can create your own legacy. These nuggets, when applied with diligence, perseverance, and intentionality, will become the hallmark of novel success that will set you up as a trailblazer in your field in your element. So that the ambitious ones can look up to you and say, “I can do this… I can do what they’re doing.”

This is true self-discovery; your little secret to success.


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