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3 Myths You were Told about Success that aren’t True

Updated: Mar 23

Man sprinting on tarmac towards success

There are a number of eternal comprehensive ideologies that can guide you to success. They usually involve setting goals, being resolute, and having a clear image. Then, there’s advice that sounds great and seems to make a lot of sense but backfires when put into practice. It’s important to be aware of these misguided beliefs and bad habits so that you can avoid pitfalls in your journey.

Here are the three biggest myths about achieving success. Replace them with healthy habits that will help you create a happier life and achieve sustainable success.

1. Follow passion, and you are sure to find success

We’ve all heard it before: if you do what you love, you will naturally advance and become successful. This sounds great and seems to make a lot of sense. And for some people, it may be true. Doing what you love can increase your motivation and make you more determined to see your goals through.

Related: Learn This Secret And Watch Your Success Grow In Months But there are other important factors to keep in mind. If you love doing something, but there is no market for your skills or product, you have a significant hurdle to cross. Chances are if you take stock of your strengths and weaknesses and consider all possibilities, you will discover that there is more than one path to success. You may find there is something else you like nearly as much, and one with a better market and a higher chance of success.

2. You must be an obsessive overachiever to realise your objectives

Being a workaholic is considered an admirable trait among entrepreneurs and business professionals. And being a workaholic usually goes hand in hand with being a perfectionist.

If you aren’t willing to work long hours and ensure every detail is perfect, then you must not want it badly enough. This myth says that you must be willing to sacrifice everything to become wealthy and successful.

3. You have to stay focused on the future while you work toward success

This myth says that successful people are always focused on the future and anticipate problems their companies will undoubtedly face. We must all be always making to-do lists and working toward our future goals. However, if you are so focused on what’s next, you may be forgetting to live in the present. Always looking ahead without taking stock of what you have will make it difficult to connect to the people around you, and you may find yourself locked into an unhappy mindset. While it is pretty difficult to distinguish the good advice from the bad as what works for you may not for the next person, you have to be careful with the one we do take. The moves you make today may make or break your career or your campaign in the future so take special care before taking action right now.


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